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In the topic "Keen Progs", member Justin introduced two utilities he made, a high score editor for Keen 1 and a save game editor for Keen 4, source code included. It's from April 2000, one of the oldest discussions I was able to dig up. By the way, I added the ninth JMMB topic named "Isis Demo II rocks...", overlooked it before.

Added the topic "how did the keen community begin?", where Keeners discussed the early days of the Community in the 1990s. "Veterans" like Ilsoap and chogall shared their memories. Ah, history.

I have added a new section called "JMMB Topics". Before the PCKF on the ezboard website was created, the Keen community was active on a subforum of the Jazz Mega Message Board (JMMB) for some months. It was named "Commander Keen Stuff" and moderated by then CC314 owner Thea. The main reason for the new board, which was in use from November 1999 to March 2000, were the limitations of the previously used InsideTheWeb service. Eight topics of the JMMB's Keen section were archived by the Wayback Machine, and you can find the respective links on this page now. It isn't much, but better than nothing.

Three years have passed. Well, sadly, the ezboard.com domain and all its subdomains have become inaccessible in the Wayback Machine again, and there are no signs of a change. Therefore, I have removed all archive.org links in the topic table. But as I saved most of the affected pages back then (though by far not all topics archived by that site), it is possible to restore most of the content sooner or later. But still, there's a little addition: The topic "Monster Bash FILEID.diz", which appears to be the only PCKF page of the ezboard era found on archive.is.

Three mod topics added: Doomship Dilemma by Dr Villain, Zelda II by CheesyDave, and Shadow Keen 2 by Levellord. Also, check out the amazing mod I've released on 1st April. ;-)

Happy Keen Day! An important event in Keen history took place in April 2001, then a new user named ChargingMoose surprised the community with the first completely new Keen 4 level. Another topic added today is that on Victor4k's innovative, but now long-abandoned mod Keenbot. Two more classics of modding are Ceilick's early works, Crash on Gobo III and Planet Destruction.

Two more mod topics from 2004 added. First, The Search for the Sentinel released by kohntarkosz, his first and thus far only mod. Second, Bad Dreams by Levellord, which was a birthday present for Commander Spleen. And then there's a cool and adorable Group Picture by RocketJess, too.

In August 2003, the Keener Commander Spleen made his debut in the PCKF and introduced his mod Monky Business. Almost a year later, he released the critically acclaimed beta version of it (the finished mod will be awesome!). Also, check out "Bush OMG" for a funny picture of a certain Mr. Bush and more...

Added the first three links to the Wayback Machine. It's all about the release of now classic mods: Norp the Yorp 3 by Xtraverse, Keen Y by Grelphy, and Lego Keen by Ilsoap.

A late Happy New Year! It has been a while since the last update. As you may have noticed, the old PCKF is available again in the Wayback Machine (a really nifty thing!). That said PCKF pages became unavailable with the site's relaunch some years ago was the main reason for the creation of this little archive.

So, now you ask, does the PCKF Archive still have a point? Yes, it does have, as the pages archived by the WM alone won't provide you an overseeable table with archived topics like the one below. If you want to get to see "all" topics in the WM, you have to switch around between the dates of archiving in the topic lists. Not only that, the PCKF's ezBoard incarnation used different subdomains over the course of the years (the earliest being "pub7", I think), and the WM treats pages with different subdomains as separate ones, of course. Furthermore, there are a lot of threads not in the WM, and thus a bunch of "broken" links that aren't marked as such.

As you can see, the table allows for much easier navigation, at least for the topics that are included. So rather than copying and editing the PCKF threads for this page, I will link pages of the Wayback Machine soon. It's much less time-consuming, the list will grow much faster, and you'll get to see more notable discussions in the community's long history. The only real disadvantage is that WM pages are normally not indexed by search engines, as far as I know. But that's okay for now.

Feel free to browse the PCKF in the Wayback Machine yourself. As said, there are different subdomains for different periods (only those used before the attack in May 2005 are included here):
pub7 (April 2001), pub128 (August 2002), p072 (June 2004)
(they also overlap, though, making it even more complicated)

Release topic of Norp the Yorp in Diffusion by Xtraverse added, another classic mod.

Added the topic on the release of Bazooka Wowbagger, a mod by Paperface from the early days of modding. By the way, I've finally released my mod a week ago. Hey, a little self-advertisement doesn't hurt! ;-)

Again, two more topics! In July 2001, then new member TMST presented the community a fantastic Commander Keen: The Movie poster. There is also a topic from "The Classics" sub-forum now, "Cosmo, anyone?", which is about Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure.

Ever wondered where the cool little GIF of pogoing Keen is from? Find the answer! Moreover, read what Keeners thought about Keen on PS2 and other consoles back in 2002.

Long time no update! Sorry for the hiatus. On Keen Day, I've added the topic "Billy Retire?!" about Jill of the Jungle, another platform game classic.

Two more topics today: Almost a decade ago, Xky released his Keen 1 Mod, have fun reading the reactions back then. I've also added an early Keen Community Story started by Forge (sadly, two pages are missing).

With Xtraverse's permission, I've incorporated the links to the many topics in DOS Classics's archive, what makes accessing them much easier. But beware that certain discussions can get quite "controversial". ;-) I've got my files back, too, so expect more blasts from the past!

Currently, I don't have the majority of topics I saved on hand (don't worry, nothing is lost). But still, I want to present you something new until I have them back, so enjoy reading about Kangarus's (unfinished) Commander Keen fanfic and Rorie's 1st piece of fanart.

The PCKF Archive has opened! Thanks to Malvineous for giving me this webspace. It starts with six topics, and they contain various really entertaining posts, don't miss them. More will be added bit by bit.

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