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Posts: 483
(1/9/02 9:38 pm)
Keen Newsletter
You can now sign up for the newsletter, go here:

Our first issue, will be out in mid Feb! So sign up! ;)

The webpage is coming out Friday, and we hope you love it. :love But if you think itís funny looking :scary and you want to laugh at us. :lol Then though a little sad. :( We will improve and change :dopekeen to youíre liking. :)

Now don't forget to sign up. *Shakes finger!*

Posts: 487
(1/11/02 9:50 pm)
Re: Keen Newsletter
I have allocated our site at my website for a temporary basis. Itís just the first page; but thatís all we need right now. And I didnít do anymore than that because itís not our permanent design.

You will find it here: Commander Keen Newsletter

Also we may not be using YahooGroups permanently for the newsletter; if signing up again is any kind of problem we ourselves can transfer you over, so long as you did not choose to hide youíre email. You will get a notice when and if we do this.

Posts: 199
(1/12/02 5:12 pm)
Re: Keen Newsletter
AWESOME layout for your website! The title graphics--well the whole thing looks quite professional!

Maybe this thing will really turn into something... :)

NSDF Raynor  missing image (
Posts: 4
(1/12/02 10:51 pm)
Re: Keen Newsletter
Hey Sign me up! Looking goods so far maybe KC is right!

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