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Vorticon Elite
Posts: 361
(12/12/02 9:29 pm)

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Christmas Emotikeen
- Merry Christmas Keen, saying Ho Ho Ho

Edited by: Killspy at: 12/13/02 6:48:37 pm
Too Much Spare Time 
King Slug
Posts: 543
(12/12/02 11:15 pm)

Have a Keen Christmas!
Hey Christmas is only 12 days away (in some parts of the world)! I feel inspired to write... a Keen Christmas Song!

On the 12th day of Christmas, iD Software gave to me:
12 Inchworms inching,
11 Blooguards bashing,
10 Mimrocks leaping,
9 Council Members,
8 Yorps a-skipping,
7 Dopefish swimming,
6 Slugs a-pooping,
5 Vor-ti-cons!
4 Shikadi Mines,
3 Tooth Lake,
2 Robo Reds,
And teaser for The Universe Is Toast!

How about an emotikeen of Keen being cruicified? j/k

The Chasm of Strife!

Vorticon Elite
Posts: 363
(12/13/02 12:03 am)

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Re: Christmas Emotikeen

Scizor CT 
Posts: 120
(12/13/02 12:58 am)
Re: Christmas Emotikeen
Personally, the last line ought to read:

And A Bean-With-Bacon MegaaaRooocccckeeeeeeet!

But that's just me. :disguise

My Remixes: Here! Click here!

Forge315  missing image (
Grand Intellect
Posts: 1119
(12/13/02 12:59 am)
That’s a great emoticon,

Don’t mean to get you down but the second doesn’t appeal to me, seems a little fake.

Nice song TMST, :bloody good!

Stranded Fish
Posts: 846
(12/13/02 1:28 am)

missing image (
Re: .
Yeah, a little strange how his teeth come out of his mouth. My advice, don't make the biggrin animated.

missing image (

Vorticon Elite
Posts: 365
(12/13/02 3:08 am)

missing image (
Re: .
Ok, I might change that.

Edited by: Killspy at: 12/13/02 9:58:33 pm
Posts: 1556
(12/13/02 4:42 pm)

Re: .
Nice emoticon! :)

The universe is not toast!

Pooper, King of the Slugs
Posts: 533
(12/13/02 11:13 pm)

Re: Christmas Emotikeen
The hat's a bit long for my tastes...oh well, added as :christmas

Cerebral Cortex 314 - For All of your Commander Keen Needs.

Vorticon Elite
Posts: 377
(12/14/02 1:21 am)

missing image (
Re: Christmas Emotikeen
:D |I These two emoticons have two seperate codes to type in. Just wondering why. And I'll fix the hat if you want me to.

Forge315  missing image (
Grand Intellect
Posts: 1123
(12/14/02 2:52 am)
Because there are many known emoticon codes and the admins want them all to have a pic.

Posts: 6
(1/21/03 3:00 am)
:christmas :christmas :christmas :christmas

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