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Posts: 480
(10/1/02 7:39 pm)
Ideas that flopped
There are a lot of people out there who have made some great Commander Keen stuff (as Awards 2002 have shown). But because of this, I also know that there have been some ideas that people have had that never got off the ground, and that most of us Keeners would never even know about.

So here's my question... anyone willing to post up some of those ideas that never worked?

I'll start. When I was making Shadowlands Episode 1, I was also thinking of what type of animation I'd make with the characters of Keen 6. My best idea? The Xaxsons, a parody on the Simpsons. A family of bloogs and blooglets would be the Xaxsons, the dad would work at Bloogton Foods as a Blooguard, the boss would probably be a fleex, etc.

Like I said, don't get your hopes up. This will never actually happen. I never even made any drawings of it. But still, it would have been pretty funny.

Posts: 132
(10/1/02 11:48 pm)
That would've been actually pretty neat Ilsoap! Gee... I have had quite a few flops. Mainly with CnC games. I decide to suddenly make a CnC game, I create a first level, and then I get bored and never finish it, or it takes me a few years. I have about 5 of those projects piled up.

Hmm... Another flop would probably be me trying to convert TMST's CK-10 years on into flash with voices and everything. It would have been great if I actually finished it... I guess I didn't because I was too lazy, and school work got in the way.

Any others... I dunno. I gotta think on that one... I've only finished a few of my projects, so there's got to be more flops.

Posts: 1110
(10/2/02 4:56 am)
Re: Geee...
Blade mod for Keen 1.. Didn't work.. Maybe with Keen 3? Dunno.
Added: Oh, your idea was cool, Ilsoap! :)

Whatcha gonna do when Keenmania runs wild on you?

Edited by: KeenRush  at: 10/2/02 4:57:50 am
Too Much Spare Time 
King Slug
Posts: 448
(10/2/02 5:23 am)
I said I was going to make a bunch of alternate endings for my "The Universe Is Toast" conclusion.

Hmmm. :blush

But "XAX: The 2nd Coming" is real! I am still working on that ... occasionally...!!

MRC Marky
Posts: 165
(10/2/02 8:15 am)
After playing through StarControl 2, i had this vision of commander keen flying through hyperspace with his BWB, occasionally receiving missions from the Oracle (for which he would have to travel back to Gnosticus IV) and solving different mysteries on different planets or space stations.
We even started working on this with Gorf, most of the starflight graphics were completed and even promoted here, but the project didn't come true. We figured that making a HUGE gigantic galaxy with a bunch of solar systems - all involving planets, which involve maps which in turn involve levels.. would be difficult to create, even though it could have been cool. Perhaps in a later phase, if we could as a community unite to work on something like this.

Mortimer's Right Hand Man
Posts: 403
(10/4/02 5:02 am)
oh--almost forgot to put a topic here
hmm... there were a few ideas for my Keen1 mod that never really worked out.

my original idea for replacing the Vorticons was a large, cybernetic mess... some sort of mutant drone. but every time i tried to make a graphic for it, the wires came out looking like some lame rainbow box. so i canned that and went for the Mortimer Clones.
I originally wanted the last Mortimer Clone to somehow be the REAL Mortimer, but there was no graphical distinction between the regular Vorts and the extra-strong Vorts... so that got tanked.
my original idea for the "old-style playfield" level was a lot larger, and was also going to be a tile-for-tile ripoff of the first level in Mario3... but by the time i got that far in my Mod, i'd re-used so many of the graphics i couldn't really fit it in. so i tossed together some cutesey little platforms and went from there--i ended up hating the level design. that level is my least favorite.
the "cargo bay" level had cannons that were supposed to be shooting shrink-wrap of some sort. the graphic i made for Keen caught in it didn't come out very clear--i considered making him get packaged or bagged like potato chips, but the effect never looked right.
when i was making the levels, i had a TON of points in the levels--sometimes well into 50,000 points in one level (that's two and a half extra lives!) and i suspected that to be way too high--so i went back through and limited each level to around 13,000 points. considering the lack of dangers in the first 3-4 levels, that worked out to be 2 free lives, and combined with your starting lives, was supposed to put you pretty well off... that didn't work out (i got some complaints for "not enough points")

a different Modding project i quickly gave up on was to re-create Keens 1-3 in the Keen 4-6 level tilesets. It'd be relatively easy--Keen4 has large outdoor areas with dark inside areas, as well as "fortress-like" level tilesets and "dome-like" tilesets. Keen5 has the whole Ship's-Interior thing going on, and Keen6 has the Alien Homeworld thing, complete with Advanced Structures. i gave up shortly after discovering how incredibly complex TED5 is compared to Durdin's awesome KeenWright... hehe

for a brief instant after that, i considered going the other way around, and porting Keens 4-6 into Keens 1-3, but lost interest in that just because of the sheer amount of playtesting involved, as well as the question of "what about the enemies?"

Keen modding aside, back in 4th grade i remember starting to make miniatures of Keen + company. i used a pink eraser-top for pencils, and shoved half of a light blue crayon inside it, then put a little yellow cap-thing on the top, so it looked like a cute little helmet atop a miniature Keen. i got stuck on making the Babobba (my favorite enemy at the time) so i gave up.

yeah, those ideas were all pretty bad :-P


Posts: 865
(10/4/02 8:10 am)
Well, Isis was originally going to have very militant Isonians -- they were going to launch biological weapons at Earth, they had tanks, minefields, stuff like that.

Vorticon Elite
Posts: 320
(10/4/02 6:29 pm)
Re: Hmm...
( Well, Isis was originally going to have very militant Isonians -- they were going to launch biological weapons at Earth, they had tanks, minefields, stuff like that. )

Why wasn't this put in the game? Sound good! Doesn't it? :confused

Believe it or not Potter is on the forum........

Posts: 560
(10/5/02 7:09 am)
Re: Hmm...
Actually, it'd have been fairly un-keenish and also very generic IMHO. OTOH, I believe I could've made the minefield level really good.



Keen's Empire
Posts: 406
(10/5/02 3:09 pm)
I made 3-5 unfinished Keen stories, before I finally gave up. I should submit them one day, though a lot of them are crap.

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