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Admiral Bob
Posts: 20
(6/25/03 5:41 pm)
CKPatch v0.9.0 released
Okay guys, here's the goodies:

CKPatch v0.9.0 binaries (95kB)
CKPatch v0.9.0 source code (78kB)

Most significant changes:
  • Transparent LZEXE decompression, so you no longer need to decompress the game executable beforehand.
  • Fixed the %version bug. Keen 1-3 v1.31 is now detected properly.
  • %ckmhead.obj command added, so you can now directly load the CKxMHEAD.OBJ file that TED5 generates instead of having to run it through FIXMHEAD.
  • %level.file command added for Keen 1-3, so you can now replace individual levels.
  • %egahead, %egasprit and %egalatch commands added for Keen 1-3, so you can also replace the tile sets now.
  • Many parser bugs fixed. The parsing rules have changed slightly*. Read the README.TXT file for more information. Most existing scripts shouldn't have to be changed.
  • Error reporting is now a lot more informative (displays the exact location of the error in your script file).
  • Documentation has been mostly rewritten and improved. A FAQ has been added for the impatient and/or curious :)
  • Source code has been cleaned up and is now commented at a professional quality level, if someone else wants to help out with maintaining CKPatch.
  • License has been changed to GPL
*Xtraverse: I haven't actually examined the scripts that your Patchotron program generates, but if they're well-formatted like my example scripts, you should be ok. Let me know if things suddenly become broken with this release of CKPatch.

To Flaose, chogall and eK: Would you be able to update the version of CKPatch that's linked in the CC314 download page to this new version?

This is still a beta release, but hopefully it should be better quality than the last version. If this release shows to be bug-free, then I'll bump the version number up to 1.0.

I've noticed some of you have been asking questions about how you should distribute level packs that utilise CKPatch. I was thinking perhaps it might be a good idea to package some of the fan-made levels on the CC314 download pages with appropiate CKPatch loader scripts so you can see how it's meant to be done. I'll make another announcement if I go ahead with this.

Also, now that I've made the source code to CKPatch a lot more understandable, I'm wondering does anyone else wants to help out or take over maintaining CKPatch? I'm going to have a lot of work commitments over the next year or so (final year of uni), so this may make it difficult for me to stay up to date with news and developments here in the PCKF. Let me know if you're interested in contributing.

cybernetic dream 
Posts: 136
(6/25/03 6:13 pm)
Very cool, Thanks! :)

Stranded Fish
Posts: 2305
(6/25/03 6:52 pm)
Re: .
Thank you, this is awesome :D

Not much will need changing in my program (anyways I'm completely redoing it, it was a messy program to start). Most of the code it generated was just the %patch command, I went through the EXEs and found offsets for stuff.
Those %ega commands will simplify the process though, I don't have to worry anymore about the version and stuff for that.

Never argue with an idiot. He brings you down to his level, then beats you on experience -- Mark Twain

Pooper, King of the Slugs
Posts: 1120
(6/25/03 8:14 pm)
Re: .
Alrighty, cc314's updated:

You're lucky I caught this post :)

Cerebral Cortex 314 - For All of your Commander Keen Needs.
Eat at Joes

Posts: 3493
(6/25/03 8:14 pm)
Re: .
Wow, neat stuff! Those new commands make modder's life more easy. :)

BB - CK - MR. 314

Sir Posts Alot
Posts: 943
(6/26/03 10:28 am)
Re: .
cool, thanks a lot, maybe ill try this out with the mods that dont work :)

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