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Vorticon Elder
Posts: 199
(8/14/02 3:33:39 pm)

Keen Awards 2002
It's been a long time coming (sorry about that :) ), but here they are:
The Winners of the Keen Awards 2002!

A very Special Thanks goes to MRC Marky for making these trophies.

Winners, claim your trophies :D

1.1 Best Mod - Winner: Xky Rauh (Episode X)

1.2 Best Fan-Game - Winner: Slasher/Matrix (Spork III Demo 2)

1.3 Best Editor - Winner: Andrew Durdin (KeenEdit)

2.1 Best Graphical Artwork - Winner: TooMuchSpareTime (The Universe is Toast)

2.2 Best Narrative - Winner: TooMuchSpareTime (Commander Keen: 10 Years On)

2.3 Best Song - Winner: Ilsoap (Shadowlands Music)

2.4 Best Animation - Winner: Ilsoap (Shadowlands)

2.5 Best Non-Computerised Art - Winner: TooMuchSpareTime (Snow Slug)

3.1 Best Website - Winner: TCL999 (The Keencyclopedia)

3.2 Best Online Entertainment - Winner: Korath III (HangKeen)

3.3 Online Community Service Recognition - Winner: Cho'gall

4.1 Keenest Person of the Year - Winner: TooMuchSpareTime

4.2 Really Keen Stuff - Winner: KeenCommander (Impossible Bullet Trick)

Congratulations to all the Winners! And thank you to everyone who participated!
Hopefully next year will be even more successful than this year!

Cerebral Cortex 314 - For All of your Commander Keen Needs.

Posts: 819
(8/14/02 6:23:52 pm)

Re: Keen Awards 2002
Congratulations to all!
Neat awards!

Whatcha gonna do when Keenmania runs wild on you?

Posts: 109
(8/14/02 6:27:39 pm)
Re: Keen Awards 2002
I will gladly claim my trophy:

And it looks great too! Thanks MRC Marky. Thanks to everyone that voted for the Keencyclopedia! See you around. Maybe, MRC Marky should get a trophy for his trophy making abilities :)

An A through Z interpretation of Commander Keen: The Keencyclopedia

Edited by: TCL999 at: 8/14/02 6:28:22 pm
Posts: 368
(8/15/02 6:00:06 am)
Congrats to all the winners!

Posts: 447
(8/15/02 9:19:27 am)

Re: :)
I will display my trophy with pride:

*uploads it to his website*

Edited by: adurdin at: 8/15/02 9:19:53 am
Too Much Spare Time 
King Slug
Posts: 384
(8/16/02 2:13:18 am)
And I claim mine, too.

That Omegamatic trophy looks great! I might have to try to win Best Website next year! ;)

Wait a sec - I thought there were going to be 13 trophies.
Are the trophies for "Best Graphical Artwork" and "Best Narrative" meant to both be Mad Mushies or is that a typo in the URL?

Edited by: Too Much Spare Time  at: 8/16/02 2:21:11 am
Vorticon Elder
Posts: 220
(8/16/02 3:22:17 pm)

Re: Cool
Unfortunately, Marky had some problems with 3DMax and a few of his trophies were lost. In the end he was only able to pump out 12 trophies, and seeing as how you won so many, I thought you wouldn't mind getting a double ;)

Cerebral Cortex 314 - For All of your Commander Keen Needs.

Too Much Spare Time 
King Slug
Posts: 390
(8/17/02 4:31:32 am)
Double up Double up
I don't mind. :) We'd better come up with something unique for whoever wins it next year though. I'd recommend one of the Smirkies from the Gnosticene Ancients pyramid.

Who knows what other awards there might be next year...
* The "Berkeloid" Award for being the biggest forum flamer!
* The "Shikadi Mine" Award for finally cracking the source code of Keen IV-VI! (We can always hope)
* The "Arachnut" Award for just being utterly insane!
* The "Little Ampton" Award for... well, I'd better not say.

Edited by: Too Much Spare Time  at: 8/17/02 4:35:16 am
MRC Marky
Posts: 126
(8/17/02 6:55:54 am)
I have an incomplete Arachnut model, which probably got corrupt through the bugs in 3dstudio. It's a really unstable program, unfortunately.

Posts: 122
(8/17/02 1:12:20 pm)

Re: -
Let's hear it for Marky for making such great trophies! *clapclapclapclapclapclapclapclap*

-Korath III

Posts: 846
(8/17/02 5:55:47 pm)

Re: -
In the next awards I will nominate: MRC Marky for making lot's of Commander Keen trophies!

Whatcha gonna do when Keenmania runs wild on you?

Posts: 79
(8/20/02 10:09:43 pm)
I hope "School's Out!" gets nominated next year. Hopfully people will still remember it...ESCAPILLY CAUSE ITS NOT ON CC314!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Posts: 136
(8/21/02 12:36:11 am)

Re: Hmmm
I think Marky should get something for all his hard work with the trophies. I might put something together.

-Korath III

Posts: 354
(8/21/02 4:34:55 am)

I'm a moron!
heh, like I haven't had enough time recently to look through all the forum sections (thanks to my job), and the thought of checking my email never crossed my mind. Thanks for the award. I'm suprised I got anything...

I'm sorry for not responding to your emails Forge--guess it's kinda late to do it now, huh?

*feels really STOOPID*

"Well, that's goodbye Galaxy, then," said Arthur, slapping his knees and standing up. - "Life The Universe and Everything" by Douglas A. Adams

Edited by: KeenCommander at: 8/21/02 4:38:52 am

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