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(12/14/00 9:11:32 pm)
It's Commander Keen's 10th Birthday!
Check it out folks. Today (Dec 14th, 2000) is the 10th anniversary of the release of Commander Keen: Episode 1 shareware.

In honor of that, I've done up a pretty large retrospective historical piece on Keen - with new quotes and info from the original Keen team of Tom Hall, John Romero, John Carmack, & Adrian Carmack.

Check it out at

Joe Siegler
3D Realms

(12/14/00 11:50:59 pm)
Re: It's Commander Keen's 10th Birthday!
Neat article. But I disagree with the statement that Keen 3 was the hardest: I mean, to win it, you only had to complete 3 levels to win, and one of them is the mountain which you just pogo over the top of to win.

BTW, the "dirty word" that Tom Hall mentions is right at the start of level 11 in Keen 2 -- the Paris Tantulus Ray.

Vorticon Elite
(12/16/00 12:47:31 am)

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Re: It's Commander Keen's 10th Birthday!
Very well written.

If you're around here to see the response, I say this:

It was great except for (in my opinion)
You didn't mention a thing about the Keen Community (which does not exist in either of those "links" , or the Isis II project, or the other unofficial Keen Games.

and the "links" were 3% of all the fansites that exist out there.

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"You cannot pass!" he said.
With a bound the Balrog leaped full upon the bridge. Its whip whirled and hissed.

Vorticon Elder
(12/16/00 5:47:33 am)
Re: It's Commander Keen's 10th Birthday!
I found the filthy word... :)
I didn't know about that one.

About Keen 3 being hardest: I think that the levels were harder than the two other Vorticon games, with lots of mazes and traps, but the game in itself is easy to finish because of the few mandatory levels, like adurdin said.

P.S. There is a typo in the filthy word.

Edited by: chogall at: 12/16/00 5:53:02 am
(12/23/00 12:15:48 pm)
Actually it's his 18th birthday
Heh, He was 8 in Keen 1, that means he's 18 now! I think that's GREAT cause I'm also 18!

missing image ( cosmos for sure A-Ha Yeah!

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