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Posts: 158
(1/10/03 3:57 am)
Found some of my old notes...
Have any of you ever played MindRover? Quite a good game, I reccomend it. Anyway, I spent a long time today looking for the CD because I wanted to play it again, but in the process, I found my old notes from when I was making a level with a mix of ted5 with wacked out graphics (not the game graphics) and a hex editor. I thought some of you would find this interesting. I obviously had a strong will to make a new keen 4 level when I did all this, it was a lot of work.

(if the pictures don't show, go to

Those numbers on the left are the hex values I was entering in witha slightly modified TED5 (which allowed me to manually enter tile numbers) Here's a picture of what it looked like when I was doing it that way

Anyway, it was fun to go back and look at this stuff. I also found one of my old hard drives which won't boot up by itself, but works fine once the computer is booted, and it had a lot of my old stuff, including a text file that listed the sprite numbers.

0 - (nothing)
1 - Keen {facing right}
2 - Keen {facing left}
3 - Keen {small, overhead (used in Shadowlands)}
4 - Council member
5 - Berkeloid (fire guy) [easy]
6 - Princess Lindsey
7 - Wormouth [easy]
8 - Skypest (flying frog) [easy]
9 - Cloud
A - (big white foot that takes you to secret level)
B - Inchworm
C - Bounder (red friendly bouncing guy)
D - (egg that blue bird comes out of)
E - Lick (blue firebreathing bouncing guy) [easy]
F - Dopefish
10 - Schoolfish [easy]
11 - Sprite (white water guy) [easy]
12 - (red guy that picks up stuff)
13 - Mimrock (sneaky rock guy)
14 - Arachnut (green scary looking spider guy) [easy]
15 - Mad Mushroom
16 - Poison Slug [easy]
17 - Sprite [medium]
18 - Sprite [hard]
19 - (horizontal view stop)
1A - (vertical view stop)
1B - (flying platform) {moving up}
1C - (flying platform) {moving right}
1D - (flying platform) {moving down}
1E - (flying platform) {moving left}
1F - (blocks platforms)
20 - (floating platform)
21 - (used to make Miragia disappear in Shadowlands)
22 - Neural Stunner (ammo) [if less than 5 ammo]
23 - Wetsuit
24 - (unknown)
25 - (unknown)
26 - (unknown)
27 - (unknown)
28 - (unknown)
29 - (unknwon)
2A - Keen {swimming}
2B - Poison Slug [medium]
2C - Poison Slug [hard]
2D - Skypest [medium]
2E - Skypest [hard]
2F - Lick [medium]
30 - Lick [hard]
31 - Berkeloid [medium]
32 - Berkeloid [hard]
33 - Wormouth [medium]
34 - Wormouth [hard]
35 - (arrow) {shooting up} [easy]
36 - (arrow) {shooting right} [easy]
37 - (arrow) {shooting down} [easy]
38 - (arrow) {shooting left} [easy]
39 - Gem (key) {red}
3A - Gem {yellow}
3B - Gem {blue}
3C - Gem {green}
3D - Shikadi Soda (100 points)
3E - Three-Tooth Gum (200 points)
3F - Shikkers Candy Bar (500 points)
40 - Jawbreaker (1000 points)
41 - Doughnut (2000 points)
42 - Ice Cream Cone (5000 points)
43 - Lifewater flask (extra life)
44 - Neural Stunner [always]
45 - (mine) {moving up}
46 - (mine) {moving right}
47 - (mine) {moving down}
48 - (mine) {moving left}
49 - Arachnut [medium]
4A - Arachnut [hard]
4B - (caches keen mooning sprite)
4C - (blue bird guy) [easy]
4D - (blue bird guy) [medium]
4E - (blud bird guy) [hard]
4F - (arrow) {shooting up} [medium]
50 - (arrow) {shooting right} [medium]
51 - (arrow) {shooting down} [medium]
52 - (arrow) {shooting left} [medium]
53 - (arrow) {shooting up} [hard]
54 - (arrow) {shooting right} [hard]
55 - (arrow) {shooting down} [hard]
56 - (arrow) {shooting left} [hard]
57 - Dopefish [medium]
58 - Dopefish [hard]

I took the time to figure all of that out! Sheesh, I must have had a lot of spare time. Perhaps not too much, though.

Stranded Fish
Posts: 1086
(1/10/03 4:14 am)
Re: Found some of my old notes...
Wow...those numbers could be really useful, but what I really want are the hex codes for the animation frames of all the sprites in the game. And what are those tiles you have in TedEdit?

missing image (

Posts: 160
(1/10/03 5:38 am)
Re: Found some of my old notes...
Those are the Rise of the Triad tiles in there, because that's the way ted is setup to run when you first download it.

Posts: 1852
(1/10/03 6:36 am)
Re: Found some of my old notes...
Woah, great notes! :) I bet it was hard work to do all that!

The universe is not toast!

Posts: 193
(1/11/03 5:43 pm)
Re: Found some of my old notes...
Yah, they look like...professional notes...:)

Posts: 1882
(1/11/03 7:19 pm)
Re: Found some of my old notes...
I wonder what those 'unknown' things are.. Maybe they're just 'nothing'.

The universe is not toast!

Stranded Fish
Posts: 1102
(1/11/03 7:47 pm)
Re: Found some of my old notes...
Well think, is there anything else that could be a sprite in Keen 4?

missing image (

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