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Too Much Spare Time 
King Slug
Posts: 379
(8/6/02 8:32 am)
Award Acceptance Speeches

I am tremendously honoured to see that my Keen creations have earned me awards for Best Graphical Art, Narrative and Non-Computer Keen Art, especially considering the huge wealth of Keen Art that exists in our CK community. And "Keenest person the year"? :crazy Wow! What a difficult title to win - my Packers helmet goes off to the other nominees in that section. It must've been a difficult decision for the voters... thanks for choosing me! 8)
While I'm up here I'd like to congratulate Xky, Slasher/Matrix and of course Andrew Durdin, whose works of "software art" are as inspiring as the original Keens, and also congrats to KorathIII who programmed the script for HangKeen and graciously let me "hang up the decorations", as it were. :mort
Congratulations also to the other winners, TLC999 - great job on the Keencyclopedia (that's a cool title for it! ;) ) Ilsoap, whose Shadowlands animation still inspires me to try and do better, :mortlol and KeenCommander for alerting us all to that crazy "impossible bullet" bug, surely the "There Is No Spoon" of the Commander Keen world. :pogo

I'd like to thank the PCKF Admins (especially Chogall! :dopefish ), who do a great job of making the forum better and better and without whom our online Commander Keen community would probably consist of a bunch of isolated fan-sites. Thanx also to Peter Bridger of who is giving me *free* hosting of The Chasm of Strife (, where my advert-free Keen Art can be found; for the few & the proud forum-dwellers who still remember Keen (hey guys!), and most importantly you lot, the Keen fans who appreciate my work and inspire me to keep making more and more Keen Art. Your responses are the main reason I keep doing this stuff. :love

And while I'm up here...
Hey! C'mon, I'm just about finished!
And while I'm up here, I'd like to announce the latest bit of progress on the mysterious "XAX" project, which many of you have heard that I'm working on.
I don't want to give away too much in these early days, but if you thought what Keen Art I've done so far is good, then XAX is going to blow your minds. :stunned My aim in this mission is to make XAX become... Bigger Than The Original Commander Keen Games.
:O "Blasphemy! TMST is drunk on his own ego (and champagne)!"
How can I achieve this?

I can't.

We are all going to achieve it together.
This is going to be a project about which everyone in the entire Commander Keen community will be able to proudly say "I contributed to that." Specifically, XAX is an epic story that extends the culture surrounding Commander Keen, and is to be told through the combined award-winning storytelling methods of Ilsoap and myself. (ie, Animation and Graphic Novel.) When the creators of Commander Keen are sitting
there at their computers, goggle-eyed and open-mouthed, watching the ending credits scroll up the screen, be sure that your name is in that list of credits somewhere.
Although it's all very hush-hush at the moment, :lol rest assured that at some point I will be requesting volunteers for storyline consultation/reserach, quality control, musical assistance, and so on.

Anyway, I've been standing here ranting for so long that Princess Lindsey has just slipped me a cue card on which she has written "get off the damn stage else or I'll be too late to give our NEXT year's awards!" :lindsey :lol
So thanks again everybody, goodnight! :slug *hug*

Oh yeah, party at my place!
:birthday :smokin :stoned :dopekeen :barf :yorp :slug :rollin


Edited by: Too Much Spare Time  at: 8/6/02 9:37:56 am
Posts: 727
(8/6/02 8:45 am)
Re: Award Acceptance Speeches
You have lot's of speeches to write, since you got 4 awards.. :)

Whatcha gonna do when Keenmania runs wild on you?

Posts: 330
(8/6/02 7:59 pm)
i'm bad at speeches, so mine shall be considerably shorter than TMST's :-)

i'd like to thank everybody for being so patient with me as i worked on my Mod... like to thank Andrew Durdin big-time for his patience with getting my end-sequence picture taken care of (lots of email correspondance) ... like to thank Cho'gall for being such an awesome mod... and like to thank everyone else for their support ^_^ it was a lot of fun making a Keen mod!

congratulations to the other winners--some of the results were a surprise to me!


Posts: 86
(8/6/02 10:35 pm)
Thank you
Thanks to all who voted for my program - now I can put "Award Winning" beside HangKeen on Korath III! :)

-Korath III

Mighty Mosquito
Posts: 1
(8/12/02 6:42 pm)
Re: Thank you
hey hey!! SLUGGY JOO DA KING!!!
As the leader of the EDF, I award you VIP status, in anything EDF related, you we been seen as a Member of the EDF, but without responablities. FEEL THE POWER!!
Also, i can write (my not spell, but I can creat good stories)
I'd love to help out in XAX

Too Much Spare Time 
King Slug
Posts: 383
(8/16/02 2:10 am)
Welcome to the CK Forum, Mozzie!

Er... what's EDF, again?

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