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Too Much Spare Time
Posts: 1
(6/27/01 1:50 am)
Message from the Dopefish Department

Print it off! Hang it on your wall! Burp!

Vorticon Elder
Posts: 619
(6/27/01 11:01 am)
Re: Message from the Dopefish Department
Geocities... does... not... allow... external... linking!

Posts: 86
(6/27/01 4:11 pm)
Re: Message from the Dopefish Department
That picture is great! Who made it?

Posts: 49
(6/27/01 8:06 pm)
Swim... Swim... Hungry!!
hmm... my mom gave me the oddest look when i flopped into her room, chomping at nothing and chanting SWIM SWIM HUNGRY ... maybe this isn't such a good idea ^_^

Too Much Spare Time
Posts: 2
(6/29/01 5:51 am)
Swim Swim Hungry
Commander Keen IV used to be my all-time favourite computer game (and in many ways it still is). My recent discovery of the fact that the Dopefish has become some kind of cult icon has rekindled my interest in "Keen" things, so I grabbed some pix of the Dopefish and made the above poster. Then I printed it off and posted it on my wall to inspire me every day, instead of having the usual Albert Einstein poster. The Dopefish is a better role model for me. (-;
The very next day I stumbled onto this messageboard while I was looking for the first Commander Keen episode, which I haven't played in yeeeaaarrrrs. Be warned, having found this lost tribe of Keensters, I will keep coming up with more pictures and cartoons about Commander Keen.


(Dang! SGA is hard to do on this messageboard!)

Posts: 12
(1/22/03 2:48 am)
Re: Swim Swim Hungry
what is it supposed to say?

i am the god of evil darkness die mortimer kaboom!

Mortimer's Right Hand Man
Posts: 489
(1/22/03 6:27 am)
. . .
i believe it's meant to say "ANDREW"

however... develin... you've been dredging up a whole bunch of dead topics. look on the left, under the user's name and post count... there's a little date that says when the post occured. this thread had died sometime in June of 2001. that's a year and a half ago. many of the members who posted at that time are no longer active, and the ones that are have probably grown a bit as individuals...

i know you're new and all, but let's try and get things under control, eh? :-)


Posts: 2008
(1/22/03 6:29 am)
Re: . . .
Wow, I haven't seen that piece of art ever.. :)

The universe is not toast!

Posts: 553
(1/22/03 7:43 pm)
In general, yes, pulling up old topics is bad form, but it's pretty cool seeing this post and finding out that yes, indeed, TMST did make a LOT more Commander Keen related stuff.

Too Much Spare Time 
King Slug
Posts: 625
(1/23/03 5:17 am)
Re: Message from the Dopefish Department
:lol Check it out: "Too Much Spare Time - Grunt - Posts: 1"

I remember my N00Bular beginnings in this community... I stumbled onto the forums after reading the Apogee FAQ and wanted to arrive with a "gift of acceptance" for this tribe of Keensters.

Here it is again, now that I have a non-GeoCities hosted site!

The Chasm of Strife!

Edited by: Too Much Spare Time  at: 1/23/03 5:20:16 am
Posts: 99
(1/24/03 2:08 am)
Re: Normally

I never got to be a one post grunt, I was a MEEP(???!!) when i first started posting.

And, that's a great picture!

Lesses about more ASCII SCA:

S. How do I do s?
. .
try this: \ . . | _|

Okay , I give up. It's supposed to say "swim."

Edit: Hey! EZBoard messed up my SGA!

It didn't look all that great anyway... maybe I'll get rid of it.

BTW, remind me to make a graphic for my next post!

-Commander Keen
Episode 2 when
you blow up the

Edited by: Grelphy  at: 1/24/03 3:30:44 am
Vorticon Elite
Posts: 739
(1/24/03 1:08 pm)
Re: Message from the Dopefish Department
Meep is pretty new, you change in Grunt after your fourth post.

-----Djaser est un nation prétendue neutre mais, dans la réalité, il ne l'est pas car il n'arrête pas d'être envahie par les uns et sauvés par les autres.
Djaser est normalement régie par une féodalité...-----

cybernetic dream
Posts: 62
(1/24/03 1:21 pm)
*burb* :dopefish

Posts: 2034
(1/24/03 3:48 pm)
Re: Message from the Dopefish Department
I noticed that it was your fist post, TMST! :)
You have done lot of cool stuff after that post. ;)

The universe is not toast!

Xtraverse  missing image (
Stranded Fish
Posts: 1211
(1/24/03 4:12 pm)
Use the [code] to make ascii text, Grelphy.

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