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Fanart (X)

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Xky Rauh | Xtraverse

Xky Rauh

Xkylyr "Xky" Rauh

The third image was Xky's entry for RoboBlue's Character Creation Contest. The Narln is from his then in-development mod XkyKeen2 a.k.a. Episode Null. Xky created the two Bip images upon a request from Niborius for pictures of Giks and Bips.

On Halloween 2009, Xky dressed up as Commander Keen. With the exception of the fourth photo, I received the following images from Levellass. Earlier, Xky himself sent me another picture he still had.

Avatars and signature:

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3D character art:

Xtraverse recreated the Shadowlands and Fribbulus Xax maps in 3D. In both cases, the tour consists of multiple images as well as words from the "guide". For the first tour, there is also a separate splash image. A series of images showing a fight between a Yorp and a Robo Red was made by Xtraverse, too. In the case of Fribbulus Xax, a video flythrough was only posted several years later.

He also made the trophies for the winners of the Keen Awards 2004. There are six different types of trophies, the images not included here only differ in their inscription. Check out the thread to view them all.

A few graphics from Xtraverse's fansite Beyond the Pogo:

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