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Fanart (G)

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The following images were posted in a topic about a Commander Keen webcomic Galaxieretter was working on.

Half a year later, he posted new character art and information on the comic, after revising his work multiple times. Ultimately, the comic was never finished. With the exception of I C-2 (without Mort) and coloured Keen, I got the enlargeable pictures from Levellass. The non-enlargeable ones have been extracted from a Thumbs.db file (found here).

A coloured version of the Xky Rauh image was posted by Levellord.

Another webcomic by Galaxieretter is Blegd and Smeeg, starring a Garg and a Yorp. While the story never reached a conclusion, its author did post many comics. Most of them disappeared when the Blegd and Smeeg website went offline. Levellord and Levellass sent me nearly all episodes from 2005 and 2006. Some more comics appeared between 2007 and 2009, which remain unavailable. Note that I'm not 100% sure about the numbering.

In the case of the fourth episode, Galaxieretter also posted an alternate version, with text by SynDuo (Syndeux).

Other images related to Blegd and Smeeg, "Sometimes..." and "Tough Gargs" also received from Levellord and Levellass. The latter sent the birthday artwork, too.

More works by Galaxieretter. The picture showing Keen on a strange planet is inspired by a scene from a fanfic by Levellass. The Gik image was made upon a request from Niborius for pictures of Giks and Bips.

The following two images were made available in the form of openCanvas files (a graphics software), I saved them as PNG ones. Don't know whether they were seen in any other form before.

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a.k.a. Kdash

The fourth image is an edit of an avatar of Commander Spleen, who used Genius314's version for a while. It was further edited by StupidBunny and named "Hip Spleen".

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Geoff Sims

See ckGeoff.

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Ginger Van

See stickmanofdoom.

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Gizmo SPW

Ned Hugar

With the exception of the last one, the following images appear on the artwork page of Gizmo SPW's former website. As he was a contributor of the lost site Bloogology 314, it's possible that at least some of the pictures were found at that place, too. The Commander Keen image has also been taken from his old webspace.

Gizmo probably made the splash page image of Bloogology 314 as well.

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a.k.a. LordOfGlobox

Created the following image upon a request from Niborius for pictures of Giks and Bips.

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a.k.a. Cosmos, Br1ck, KeenCommander (not to be confused with KeenCommander a.k.a. Pac-Dan)

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Entered RoboBlue's Character Creation Contest with a still image and an animation. Grelphy also offered DSL a 3D model for use in the 3D recreation of Keen 4.


During the development of his mod Epsiode Y, Grelphy posted more than a dozen screenshots between 2003-04-22 and 2003-05-05 in the following thread:
PCKF (ezboard) link "Mod alert!" on PCKF (ezboard)

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Marc Hawkinson

For many of his pictures, guynietoren used the default EGA palette. The Robo Blue is based on a picture by StupidBunny. Martinez McMeyer is the protagonist of Szemi's The Grand Intelligence series of mods.

guynietoren intended to scale up the original Keen 4 graphics by 400%. The project, named Keen 4 XL, has not been completed. These are the upscaled graphics he posted. He also created a tutorial detailing the upscaling process. Note that certain images in the gallery above use elements of the graphics below.

He posted some emoticons, too.

guynietoren is also known for creating sculptures with styrofoam cups, "styrogami".

In December 2013, guynietoren announced that a Tron-themed mod is in the works, which hasn't been finished yet. Known working titles are KRON and Commander Keen and the Fragmented Matter Transducer. He posted the following images in its development thread:

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