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Fanart (L)

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Lady Supernova

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In August 2006, Lava89 started to work on the fangame Commander Keen 64. Over time, he posted various images of 3D models of Commander Keen and other characters and objects.

These early screenshots predate the oldest 3D model seen above. The first three images were posted by Lava89 with the original announcement.

The following screenshots were published some months after the first public beta's release to show the progress, including the addition of the map level.

Two more screenshots posted between the releases of beta/demo versions:

A number of images made available in April 2010 show Lava89's work on 3D recreations of Keen 1 levels:

He has also made 3D art not intended for use in Commander Keen 64:

Lava89 created a Yorp trophy for the Keen Awards 2007, but the event never went beyond the early planning stage.

The Keen Awards 2019 did actually take place and the winners received trophies by Lava89. He revised the Yorp trophy and made three new ones. Preliminary versions of the trophies I had received from him were posted first, then Lava89 himself published the final models. Each type of trophy represents one of the four categories. Additionally, the trophy for each subcategory comes with a different SGA character on the base, check out the topic to see them.

You can download the 3DS files of the models, too.

The trophies for the Keen Awards 2020 were made by Lava89 as well (the high-res images currently lack a transparent background).

He also provided a new set of trophies for the Keen Awards 2021 (the high-res images currently lack a transparent background).

He has also posted a small number of 2D images. "Bipway" was made upon a request from Niborius for pictures of Giks and Bips. The crudely drawn fourth picture was posted in a PCKF logo thread.

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Created the following image upon a request from Niborius for pictures of Giks and Bips.

She collaborated with TmsT on Kizzeen 7 - Pimp My Galaxy (2007-02-02).

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Sprite comics:


She posted a coloured version of a character drawn by Galaxieretter for his Commmander Keen comic.

Levellord used RocketJess's character Jax in a fanfic. RocketJess drew a picture of Jax and his family for it.

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Lick & Arachnut

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See GoldenRishi.

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Ludwig von koopa85

Entered RoboBlue's Character Creation Contest with the following image:

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a.k.a. Hoborg, Hoby

Lead the development of the fangame Commander Keen and the Moon Stone. Some more information will be added here.

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