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Fanart (Z)

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Until August 2003, Zorath ran a website named Maximum Commander Keen. In April 2003, he added concept art and screenshots of his Keen 1 mod (links to most of the former had already appeared in the CK Newsletter, judging by the mostly identical filenames). The mod would have used a tilted view like in Keen 3.56. There would have been different planets, including a jungle world and Vorticon VI, and a protagonist other than Keen. The development never really went beyond the creation of tiles and a test level, though. Zorath sent me both the concept art and screenshots, the latter can be found in the following PCKF thread:
PCKF (ezboard) link "Screenshots and consept art from my mod" on PCKF (ezboard)

The concept art, and a seventh screenshot I also received:


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