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Fanart (S)

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scalloped llama

The rollerblading ZIP archive contains multiple separate sprites of Keen and additional images of curbs and rails.

Sciz CT

a.k.a. Scizor CT

In 2003, Sciz CT posted various drawings in two threads called "Dopefish, Shikadi, Mimrocks, oh my!" (DSMOM). They were scanned and (with the exception of some sketches) digitally cleaned up and in most cases also coloured. While some are missing, the majority of those files is still available. The following sketches were the first images posted by him:

The sketches were followed by drawings of various creatures and the BwB, all posted in the first thread:

In the second thread, Sciz CT published more creature artwork. He also made a recreation of the Keen 4 title screen and a Robo Red jack-o'-lantern picture.

There is also an image titled "Lazy Day" created around the same time. It was reposted in 2005, I don't know the date of its original release. Levellass sent me the file.

As mentioned above, some of the images were missing, so I asked their creator about their whereabouts. Sciz lost the files long ago, but still had the original sheets and scanned them all, including several previously unpublished drawings. The 47 high-res scans, made available on this site in April 2020, are up to 6600 pixels in size on the longer side. I split them among three ZIP archives you can download here:
Download A–H (33,5 MB), J–O (34,7 MB), P–Y (36,9 MB)

The thumbnails below lead to the same images, but reduced to 2000 pixels on the longer side. Forum links are only included for art where none of the original files (be it coloured or non-coloured) is available.

The sketches again, this time including the first sketch sheet and a later sketch sheet which was mentioned, but apparently not published in the second DSMOM thread.

Various creatures, the BwB and the heads of Mort and Keen:

Jack-o'-lanterns with well-known faces:

Recreations of the title screens of Keen 4 and Keen 6, and two Shadowlands scenes:

Sciz also created concept art for the Commander Keen Community Mod (CKCM). The original files were posted in the Keen: Modding forum in late 2003 and early 2004.

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Shaylyn Hamm

a.k.a. ChemicalAlia

Shaylyn sent me the Koopas and Dopefish pictures.

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a.k.a. Shadow Master

Created the following image upon a request from Niborius for pictures of Giks and Bips.

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Simon Ball

Contributed a guest comic to TmsT's The Chasm of Strife.

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Corey Brickley

3D art:

Slasher abandoned his fangame Spork III: Code of the Sporkia in favour of a comic version of its story. The comic didn't last long, though.

Additionally, Slasher posted a sprite sheet depicting Keen using a force field and a dodge move. I received the file from Levellass.

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Soul Monster

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a.k.a. Nospike88

He sent me the following photo of a model of the Shadowlands, which was created in 2003 as part of a school project, but only made public by early 2005.


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Stephen J. Currie

See Commander Spleen.

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a.k.a. Ginger Van

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a.k.a. KeegTech

Various art by StupidBunny. Also included is the inside of his house.

guynietoren posted an image based on StupidBunny's version of Robo Blue.

Below are images that are at least partially based on existing graphics, as well as original pieces of pixel art. The two Keen-style sprites of Doom enemies were StupidBunny's entries for the Spriting Contest initiated by Maruyama, while the custom character named Blastie was considered to star in a mod. "Hip Spleen" is based on Genius314's edit of an avatar of Commander Spleen, who did actually use StupidBunny's version after Genius314's one for a while.

Over time, he made a number of Emotikeens, most of them in the style originally introduced by TooMuchSpareTime.

In July 2007, he posted several screenshots of a Keen-themed Doom mod titled Cosmic Oblivion. Note that the fifth screenshot is an edit of the third one, with the gun from an image posted by Apocalypse Gohan added. The project was abandoned in 2008, and its creator released what he had done so far.

Also related to the above project is a GIF animation of an enemy which StupidBunny used as his avatar. Two other images of mods, which have yet to see the light of day, were published by StupidBunny, too.

StupidBunny also posted some obviously Keen-inspired level design drawings from the early or mid-2000s.

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John A. Galvan, a.k.a. Syndeux

SynDuo made multiple of his old Keen artworks temporarily available on DeviantArt again upon my request. Nowadays he is primarily active on Twitter and Instagram.

When Galaxieretter published the fourth episode of his Blegd and Smeeg comic, he also made an alternate version with text by SynDuo available. Levellord and Levellass sent me the picture.
SynDuo posted multiple coloured versions of an early header image for Mort's comic strip, which also include a new logo. I received the file from him.

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