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Fanart (A)

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See MRC Marky.

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Dylan Gallagher, a.k.a. allstories

He has created various pieces of pixel art. aintnofuntime sent me the third of the following pictures.

More content. I received the unfinished 3D Mort and the TUIT drawing from Levellass, while the other pieces were sent in by aintnofuntime, except for the avatar and the crane.

Shortly after the opening of the phpBB PCKF, aintnofuntime suggested replacements for the Emotikeens that were originally introduced by TooMuchSpareTime.

For the sequels of his mod The Last Moon in the unfinished Cataclysmic Conquest trilogy, he published some title screen designs. The fourth image shows a test mod where aintnofuntime played around with the palette patch. He sent me all but the first image.

He posted some redrawn Keen 1 sprites and items as well as a complete Commander Keen sprite set.

aintnofuntime also edited works by other Keeners. More specifically, he coloured an early header image for Mort's comic strip and gave it a new logo. And he created more detailed graphics of Chopplo, a custom creature posted by BlueGasMask.

Mort-themed pop culture edits (first one received from aintnofuntime) and a character from an advertisement turned into Keen:

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Andrew Durdin

Andrew "Andy" Durdin (adurdin)

The second image was Andrew's entry for RoboBlue's Character Creation Contest.

For his Keen webpage, Andrew created animated banners showing the page's short URL. They were also used as his signature.

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Andrew Kepple

See TooMuchSpareTime.

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a.k.a. alex87

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Apocalypse Gohan

The following images, which I received from Levellass, are based on graphics from Mega Man 3.

Apocalypse Gohan created a logo for the PCKF, which eventually replaced the default phpBB logo and was in use until December 2016. The final work combines the previously separate Keen and Mort pictures in an animation. The original images are not available, but a modification by ckguy of the first Keen one is available.

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Created a page containing a cutaway view of the BwB, with descriptions of its components.

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Aria AmirYar

See MRC Marky.

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