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Fanart (R)

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He initiated a character creation contest in July 2003. RoboBlue himself contributed the following creature which was created for Keenbound, a fangame made with RPG Maker 2003. It was never finished. A sprite by Djaser also survives. Regarding the contest, other entries (that are still available) were contributed by IluvKeen, Ilsoap, keen online, Grelphy, Ceilick, KeenRush, Ludwig von koopa85, KeenCommander (Pac-Dan), Xky Rauh, Andrew Durdin, Dreams (cybernetic dream) and Commander Spleen.

Robo Blue images used for signature and avatar:

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Coloured drawings:

Modified versions of the group picture were posted by Commander Spleen and Roobar (Iv4n).

She also posted uncoloured drawings. The picture of Jax and his family was created for a fanfic by Levellord, who had used the character Jax with RocketJess's permission.

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a.k.a. Iv4n, wiivn

Posted a modified version of an image by RocketJess:

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a.k.a. Keengamer

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