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Fanart (R)

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The first image was used by RoboBlue for his signature. In July 2003, he initiated a Character Creation Contest. RoboBlue himself contributed a creature which was created for Keenbound, a fangame made with RPG Maker 2003. It was never finished. A sprite by Djaser also survives.

The Isis-style Robo Blue used by him as the avatar image was a gift from eK.

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Coloured drawings:

Modified versions of the group picture were posted by Commander Spleen and Roobar (Iv4n).

She also released uncoloured drawings. The picture of Jax and his family was created for a fanfic by Levellord, who had used the character Jax with RocketJess's permission.

Additionally, RocketJess posted modifications of sprites from Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire Version.

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The following artwork is one of multiple pieces related to a story involving original Vorticon characters thought up by rollytheborb. It is the only image made available to the general public so far.

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Joseph Carney

In 2013, Ronnie revealed his then in-development fangame Keen 2.5D, a recreation of Keen 1 using 3D graphics. Over the course of nearly two years, he made many builds of the game available and shared information on its development, including images, with the community. I received several files from him that were not posted before, at least not on the PCKF.

Renders of 3D models of characters and other objects:

The following pictures show 3D recreations of the original levels. The names are unofficial, taken from KeenWiki, with the exception of Pogo Shrine and, of course, Mars. The two 2015 files were no longer available online, but Ronnie still had them.

Ronnie also made a number of animated GIFs that demonstrate certain gameplay elements. Three of them are earlier recordings made shortly before the respective animation posted on the PCKF.

Four more GIF animations were part of Ronnie's website. The first and fourth one are similar to files previously posted on the PCKF. The GIFs Ronnie sent to me are at a higher resolution than those used for the site.

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a.k.a. Iv4n, wiivn

Made the following images upon a request from Niborius for pictures of Giks and Bips.

He posted a modified version of an image by RocketJess:

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a.k.a. Keengamer

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