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Fanart (M)

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The characters seen in the 3D art below (presumably with the exception of the Dopefish) were intended to appear in a music video.

Manboy also created several short AVI format animations, which show the character models in action. The video of the singing Garg is the only one with sound. The last video combines animation and live-action. While the music video was never finished, Manboy did actually release a 18-second preview in November 2002. However, the file is lost.

He offered DSL to make his Dopefish model game-ready and posted the following two images in the development thread of the 3D recreation of Keen 4.

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Marc Hawkinson

See guynietoren.

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Initiated a Spriting Contest and took part himself with sprites of main characters of Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man. Additionally, he used a sprite of the antagonist of Dynamite Headdy as his avatar.

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Matthew Larsen & Crew

Matthew "Mat" Larsen (matlarsen)

Background information can be found on the old version of "More Keen Stuff" for the time being.

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Digital art:

Memsys also posted non-digital drawings, and a photo of two Yorps:

He modified two Emotikeens by VikingBoyBilly, which were in turn based on those originally introduced by TooMuchSpareTime.

Avatars and signatures:

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Based on the concept of her now unavailable avatar, Mitsukara created micro versions of the title screens of Keen 1-6 and the unofficial Keen 7-9. For the Vorticons trilogy, she made up Galaxy-style ones instead of using the original title screens as a reference. Additionally, the Keen 9 image is a placeholder since Battle of the Brains was still under development then.

Less than a day later, Mitsukara posted improved versions, though I don't know whether the images above are the updated ones. You can also view an image containing all micro title screens, which I received from Levellass. The files above are derived from it.

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Morgan Lees

See Keeniver.

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Bob Thewes

Mort is the creator of Commander Keen: The Comic Strip. Before the release of the first official strips, he posted various character illustrations:

And he made practice comics, or "scraps", too:

On 23 June 2007, the first two official strips of The Comic Strip were released. Many comics followed.

After a break, the strip resumed in 2015.

After another break, it returned in 2021.

Additionally, Mort posted several practice comics, "scraps" or "extras". The first two strips seen below were intially part of the official continuity, but became "extras" not long after their release. In the case of certain (former practice) strips, it was the other way around. I received "Mortimer – Himself", "Time to Go" and "Bloog Madness" from Levellass.

Upon the request of Commander Spleen, Mort created small link buttons for use on the website Planet Keen. He also made a header for the comic's blog, which got replaced by new header graphics when The Comic Strip moved to keencomic.com. Mort published some other extra illustrations as well.

Separate coloured versions of the 2007 header were posted by aintnofuntime (allstories) and SynDuo.

Mort was contacted by DSL at some point in the late 2000s and asked for support regarding the 3D animated adaption of the intro of Secret of the Oracle. He was given the task of creating character designs, with DSL intending to model the animated characters around the drawings. The work resulted in multiple model sheets dating to June 2009. While the collaboration was not kept a secret, its product was. But after having long lost communication with DSL, Mort eventually published the images in March 2015. I received the following pictures from DSL, with the exception of the first one. Note that the second Keen sheet is different from the one posted by Mort. The other images sent by DSL are identical, but larger, especially Mr. and Mrs. Blaze.

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Mort McMire

He published a number of pencil drawings. The Bloog picture is a cleaned up version of an otherwise lost image of multiple Bloogs.

The following two images were made in collaboration with VF4588, who was responsible for the colouring. At least the second picture of Keen was used for media related to Commander Keen and the Moon Stone, a fangame whose development was lead by Lyris. Mort McMire and VF4588 were both part of the team.

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MRC Marky

a.k.a. Aria AmirYar (A.A.), AEWorld

MRC Marky was responsible for the graphical layout of the Commander Keen Newsletter site, which was originally lead by Forge and later by Yorpy. Only a preview of the design survives in nearly complete form (the last version is also still online, but that one lacks a Keen-specific design). MRC Marky also created a wallpaper that appeared on said site, and some pictures that accompanied a recipe for gingerbread cookies in the Christmas issue.

He created the trophies for the winners of the Keen Awards 2002:

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Mr Soap

Worked on a Commander Keen painting. I don't know whether it was finished.

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