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Note: While notorious spammers can banned in the PCKF, InsideTheWeb didn't even have such a feature. You can see the consequences (nonsense, ads, insults) on some of the following pages. This was one of the main reasons for the move. And things were just not as organised as in the later Keen forums. I excluded a few snapshots due to the abundance of spam by a certain user (who received many complaints by other users for his behaviour).

2001 Archive | Snapshots | Selected Messages

2001 Archive

Download keenboards-snortimer.zip, a collection of various messages and images from different Keen boards on InsideTheWeb. Snortimer saved them just before the service's shutdown in March 2001. In April 2011, he made his archive available to the community. One day I will integrate the pages into the PCKF Archive so that they are browsable.

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This table includes (almost) everything I found in the Wayback Machine. Please note that the links found on the various pages don't work or lead to empty pages in many cases. But users often wrote the entire message in the subject. Snortimer's archive is not included yet.

Wayback Machine All links take you to the Wayback Machine (external).

Board Number
& Description
Timespan of Messages
First board created by Cerebral Cortex 314 founder Geoff.
It was abandoned by February 1999 as the admin password was lost.
Nonetheless, people still posted there.
1998-11-27 1998-12-07
1999-03-15 1999-04-20
1999-08-09 1999-09-12
1999-08-21 1999-09-29
1999-09-18 1999-11-02
1999-09-16 1999-12-01
1999-12-20 2000-01-13
1999-12-21 2000-01-17
2000-02-10 2000-03-10
2000-05-06 2000-05-19
2000-05-14 2000-06-09
Replacement for mb5517 after the admin password was lost.
CC314 was handed over to Thea during the board's existence.
The board was deleted in May 2000 or earlier.
1999-04-25 1999-05-02
1999-10-03 1999-10-08
1999-10-22 1999-11-03
1999-12-24 1999-12-30
1999-12-16 2000-01-05
2000-01-22 2000-01-25
One of multiple secret boards.
Their intention was to have a "safe haven" without spammers.
This one was created by A.R. and was known as "Error 404".
1999-05-16 2000-10-03
Another secret board.
Board of Thea's site Bloogology 314.
1999-09-11 1999-10-09
1999-10-08 1999-10-27
1999-11-05 1999-11-28
2000-05-22 2000-06-01
2000-08-01 2000-09-30
Board of A.R.'s site Bean-with-Bacon Megarocket Technical Manuals.
1999-07-14 1999-08-23
1999-10-21 1999-10-30
2000-09-09 2000-10-03
Board of General Chamberlain's Commander Keen Page.
1999-07-25 1999-08-27
2000-04-24 2000-06-02
The Official Commander Keeners' board.
1999-02-07 1999-08-26
2000-01-04 2000-09-09
Originally Vorticon 1's board.
The last known moderator was Doped-Up Fish.
Named "The Kingdom of the Keen" before the shutdown.
1998-09-06 1998-11-29
Board of Quest King's site The Mental Episodes of William Blaze.
only introduction archived
Board of Quest King and Ilsoap's site Commander Keen: Meteorology.
only introduction archived
Board of Nin's Commander Keen Page.
only introduction archived

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Selected Messages

Messages from different boards in chronological order. Of course, this selection of "notable" posts is subjective. Please note that you have to scroll to see the respective message in many cases.

1998 | 1999 Q1 | 1999 Q2 | 1999 Q3 | 1999 Q4 | 2000 Q1 | 2000 Q2

Wayback Machine All links take you to the Wayback Machine (external).

Message Author Date Started Board
(all links for mb69915 are identical, all links for mb5517 are identical)
Keen 4 ever screenshots Dopefish 1998-09-19 mb69915
Announcing Myst 1998-10-24
ATTN ORACLE: SideScrolling/Platform in QB Geoff 1998-10-27
Return to Vorticon mike 1998-10-27
There is one OTHER way we could do the ultimate keen project... A.R. 1998-11-03
Graphics in the Ultimate Keen Game (no subject) Liet Kynes 1998-11-16
ID General Chamberlain 1998-11-28 mb5517
Where can I get commander keen 6? Michael 1998-11-29
Has anyone got Netkeen1 and 2 to work? Jim Richters 1998-12-01
Secret Stage in Keen 6 Aliens ate my ..... Yoda 1998-12-02
1999 Q1
Demo of CK3000
(reply pages available)
A.R. 1999-02-07 mb350383
Screenshot the Real Keen Player
(reply pages available)
Dopefish 1999-02-18
Another Announcement
(reply pages available)
A.R. 1999-02-25
1999 Q2
(all links for mb332957 are identical)
Custom Level Pack with a story Adam 1999-04-07 mb350383
My Levels QUEST KING 1999-04-25 mb332957
programing help wanted no NEEDED!!!! keenwiz 1999-04-25
Development of Real Keen Player (no subject) Dopefish 1999-04-26
Are there Keen 2-3 Level editors? How are they being designed. jaj3 1999-04-26
Why me!! Robo Red 1999-04-27
Robot Red's Unofficial Keen Page Robo Red 1999-04-27
New Screenshots Dopefish 1999-04-27
Bio Menace Adam 1999-04-27
Help wanted to take screenshots Robo Red 1999-04-29
QUEST HUNT!!!!! QUEST KING 1999-04-29
Bio Menace QUEST KING 1999-04-30
New cheat a good idea? Dopefish 1999-04-30
CK SFX Monsieur la Bloog 1999-05-01
Commander Keen in Bio Menace Neil McRae 1999-05-02
Hey Thea 1999-05-16 mb517242
hey, A.R.
(last reply page available)
Thea 1999-05-18
(reply pages available)
Cho'gall 1999-05-25
Real Keen Player playable demo released (no subject)
(also posted on mb517242)
Dopefish 1999-06-29 mb350383
1999 Q3
(all links for mb296483 are identical)
It's very strange Doped-Up Fish 1999-07-09 mb517242
First custom levels for Real Keen Player (no subject)
(also posted on mb517242)
Dopefish 1999-07-10 mb350383
I love commander Keen Cosmo 1999-08-06 mb88686
keen Mahjongg Kelley 1999-08-17 mb5517
Continuing with Real Keen Player (no subject) Dopefish 1999-08-18
sound from keen 4
(reply page available)
rob 1999-08-21
(first reply page available)
Barak Sered 1999-08-21
Games Factory Neil McRae 1999-08-22 mb88686
Keen 6
(second reply page available)
Shorty 1999-08-22 mb5517
Last level of Keen 1 (no subject) Erin 1999-09-08
Question: Thea 1999-09-11 mb296483
Hoorah for Thea! Jack 1999-09-15
Secret level of Keen 5 (no subject) steven 1999-09-16 mb5517
Hello new theory Dr. Ei 1999-09-27 mb296483
1999 Q4
(all links for mb332957 lead to one of the following pages: 10-03 10-08, 10-22 11-03, 12-24 12-30, 12-16 12-31)
Hey Thea! Ilsoap 1999-10-03 mb332957
KIT Snortimer 1999-10-03
CSCN32.DLL Dan the Man 1999-10-04
Commander Too-Keen CrazyKeen 1999-10-05
Doomsday Jack 1999-10-06
How to play keen... WITH 2 PLAYERS! BOB 1999-10-06
Jack: READ THIS KeenBoy 1999-10-06
HitchHiker and Keen Adam 1999-10-07
Keen question camerabugs 1999-10-09 mb5517
" who here thinks apogee should do more Keen?
(second and last reply page available)
TerraqKraaw 1999-10-11
This was the very first messageboard for CKEEN discussion. Jack 1999-10-13
Keen5 problem Egwene 1999-10-14
Coming soon... pLeitorian 1999-10-23 mb332957
How odd Doped-Up Fish 1999-10-25
New Commander Keen message board (no subject) Orb 1999-10-25
You have waited since April . . . Adam 1999-10-25
*sigh* Dr. Zingers 1999-10-26 mb5517
Dude Dr. Zingers 1999-10-27 mb332957
Reunion Jack 1999-10-27
The SGA and numbers SGA council 1999-10-27
Messageboard Central Felix 1999-10-30
Vorticon VI Web Magazine Dopefish Nine 1999-10-30
(also posted on mb5517)
Neil McRae 1999-10-30
The Fight For Justice Louie14 1999-10-31
Sprites and ANS Adam 1999-11-01
Keen1 Louie14 1999-11-02
Hmmm. . . This board must be dead Adam 1999-11-05 mb296483
Where is everyone from? (no subject) ~MATT~ 1999-12-16 mb332957
Silly Pogo-stick status report shymrod 1999-12-20
Important! eK 1999-12-27
Music Ilsoap 1999-12-27
Hello Again! QUE$T K!NG 1999-12-28
Thanks for the response. QUE$T K!NG 1999-12-30
Hey guys Thea 1999-12-30
2000 Q1
(all links for mb332957 are identical)
Princess Lindsey... Ilsoap 2000-01-03 mb332957
Quest of Commander Keen Neil McRae 2000-01-03
Hey Lammert Brouwer 2000-01-04
Um, hi Princess Lindsey 2000-01-04 mb350383
Keen Game Lammert Brouwer 2000-01-05 mb332957
2000 Q2
ATTENTION: New Commander Keen messageboard
(also posted on mb517242)
(The C. Keen Council)
2000-04-21 mb296483
Message at the top of the board (no subject) ~MATT~ 2000-04-22 mb332957
KeenPlus & Yorp Convention Neil McRae 2000-04-24

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