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The following 3D model was intended to be used as a vehicle for a Quake III Arena mod titled Sliders. More than three years after the image was published, Tabun also posted it in a thread where Niborius requested pictures of Giks and Bips.

Additionally, Tabun posted a 3D Dopefish, including two short videos demonstrating the movement of the untextured model. It don't know whether it was made for any specific project.

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The Big Palooka

Her art is based around the unofficial The Universe is Toast trilogy.

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Contributed a guest comic (currently incomplete) to TmsT's The Chasm Of Strife. The only Keen reference appears to be the inclusion of TmsT's alter ego King Sluggy.

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Andrew Kepple (A.K.), a.k.a. TmsT, King Sluggy

TmsT's very first contribution as a Keen community member was the following image:

He created multiple Keen webcomics that appeared on his sites The Chasm of Chills and The Chasm of Strife (archived versions are part of NY00123's Selected Strife Contents). These are from the first site. Note that the second comic is made up of many separate images, and the thumbnails only show one panel of each page. Likewise, thumbnails for the mockumentary Ten Years On only depict a few of its many artworks, too.

A new series of comics appeared on The Chasm of Strife under the name Commander Keen in Copyright Infringement (which is also an alternate title of the first webcomic). It was followed by a series without a proper title and a continuous storyline. A last quickly drawn comic was made to announce the site's closure, where the thumbnail only shows one of various separate images, which is also the case for two other comics. Additionally, guest comics were contributed by Simon Ball, Ilsoap and Toadie.

TmsT continued to create comics featuring computer game characters for the site This Strife (which had hosted the second Chasm). Here are the comics where Keen series characters make at least a small appearance, or where a Keen reference plays a central role, the latter being the case for the multi-part Duke comic. For other available Sluggy comics of the time, check out NY00123's site.

On the same day as the TUIT comic's second episode, TmsT released another Keen tribute in the form of a Goodbye, Cruel World! comic (an older webcomic series by him). He has also made other Keen-related images, not only during the Chasm days, as seen below:

More illustrations of TmsT's alter ego, a crowned Poison Slug named King Sluggy, can be found in the TmsT Vintage Archive, most notably in the "Chasm & Strife" section.

Almost every update of The Chasm of Strife came with a new "Dopefish of the Week". In addition to the ones found on the site itself, three larger versions with transparent background extracted from the Dopefission SWF file are also included. For the two Dopefish provided by guests, see the sections of Ilsoap and HanC.

GIF animations are also among TmsT's works. Actually, the exit sign isn't animated, but since it's part of The Chasm of Strife's navigation just like some of the other files below, it fits here.

TmsT created the Emotikeens, which are the PCKF's official emoticons up until today. Since the first batch was released, Keeners have made a lot of additional Emotikeens, including TmsT himself. Click on the first two Emotikeens to see the whole set that came with each one.

TmsT made many Flash animations, here are the Keen-related ones. The so-called animutations make use of works from a lot of different sources.

He has posted photos, too. Certain ones are modified. I received the Sugar Stoopies and Pumpkeen pictures from Levellass.

On Halloween 2010, TmsT posted the following photos of his girlfriend as Commander Keen. She had made the gun (also seen above) and helmet years earlier. TmsT himself dressed as a Council Member.

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Entered Maruyama's Spriting Contest with a sprite of one of the titular characters of Raving Rabbids:

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Worked on a Half-Life mod called Billy Blaze Chronicles. The early Dopefish model and some information on the mod's intended content appear to be the only remnants of the abandoned project.

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