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Fanart (V)

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VF4588 | VikingBoyBilly | Volte-Face


VF4588 coloured at least two pictures by Mort McMire, of which at least one was used for media related to the fangame Commander Keen and the Moon Stone. VF4588 and Mort McMire were both members of the team, the project leader was Lyris.

In March 2002, the latest version of VF4588's fansite Commander Keen Nexus went online. For the its layout, he incorporated, in addition to his own graphics, pictures by Mort McMire, site team member Ilsoap and others, as well the original game graphics. More images can be seen on the actual website.

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Entered Maruyama's Spriting Contest with a sprite of one of the titular main characters of Pocky & Rocky:

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