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Entered RoboBlue's Character Creation Contest with a still image and an animation. The GIF animation was made by RoboBlue (who also named the creatures) using Ceilick's sprite sheet.

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See Shaylyn Hamm.

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Chris Hendricks

See Ilsoap.

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Geoffrey "Geoff" Sims

Founded the website that became known as Cerebral Cortex 314, whose earliest surviving banner graphics were made by eK. Geoff was also the original project leader of the Isis Team (and he returned years after his departure).

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a.k.a. (The) CK Guy

Modified a proposed PCKF logo by Apocalypse Gohan. The original image is unavailable, but it probably looked very similar to the first frame of the final work.

Commander Spleen

Stephen J. Currie, a.k.a. Jimage

Commander Spleen posted more than 70 screenshots and other WIP content of his mod Monky Business a.k.a. OrbKeen between 2003-08-21 and 2004-06-01 on the following website:
link Commmander Spleen's Land of Commander Keen
The associated thread:
PCKF (ezboard) link "Commander Keen: Monky Business" on PCKF (ezboard)

The following images of Garthurian Monks were used as Spleen's entries for RoboBlue's Character Creation Contest. More images related to the mod's development were occasionally posted in forums.

Six years after he had begun work on Monky Business, Spleen posted a set of new screenshots:

The following pieces of Monky Business concept art were also published on Spleen's Land of Commander Keen, with the exception of the title screen ones, which were posted on Keen: Modding instead.

He has also created art not related to his mod:

Most of the following images include graphics from the original games, partially altered. "Babysitter and Bips" was made upon a request from Niborius for pictures of Giks and Bips. The Yorp on a sign was among the suggestions for a PCKF logo.

Avatars and a button:

Genius314 created an altered version of the Keen on Korath avatar that shows a smoking character with a bottle, which was then used by Spleen as an avatar image for a while. That version was later edited by StupidBunny. "Hip Spleen", as it was called, was used by Spleen as well.

Commander Spleen also posted modified versions of a drawing by RocketJess and an avatar by Najawa:

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Corey Brickley

See Slasher.

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See Gr1nreaper.

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Creative madman

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cybernetic dream

See Dreams.

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