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Fanart (D)

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David Booth

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The third image was posted as a joke in a PCKF logo thread.

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a.k.a. DivoKeen

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Most of Djaser's artwork features the Monk Yorp, a character he used as his avatar (and later, signature) for quite a while.

Sketches, some of which were the basis for the pictures seen above.


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See Jacob Pease.

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a.k.a. cybernetic dream

The second image is most likely Dreams's entry for RoboBlue's Character Creation Contest. It comes from RoboBlue's webspace and has the same filename as the one posted by Dreams.

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Dr. Witherstone

His brother Gr1nreaper (KeenCommander) posted the following 3D model by Dr. Witherstone in the development thread of DSL's 3D recreation of Keen 4.

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Dr. Zingers

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Not long after joining the PCKF in 2003, DSL wrote about his intention to create a 3D version of Keen 4. While it never got finished, he presented several 3D models over time:

Dr. Witherstone (represented by his brother), Manboy and Grelphy posted their 3D works in the game's development thread, too. duke4e also offered to help and did actually work on the game for a while. He published a number of screenshots. In July 2004, DSL announced that he and duke4e have started to work on an Unreal Tournament 2004 mod, its working title being Shadowlands 3D. DSL left the team by November 2004.

The same year as the 3D Keen 4 was announced, DSL also created a high-poly model of Commander Keen. At some point, he began to work on an animated adaption of the opening of Secret of the Oracle, previously intended to be a part of the game. From late 2004, he informed the community about the progress by posting various detailed renders – which were all gone (with the exception of a 2010 picture I only found later), so I contacted DSL, who still had some of the images.

Separately, Levellass sent me multiple of DSL's character renders from a 2005 thread, as well as an image of Keen's reworked head posted in 2006.

I also received a more recent render of Billy's (actually, his brother's) football helmet from DSL, as well as a short animation of the helmet spinning. Both files are from May 2009, and might have been previously unpublished. The third of the following images definitely became public. In 2010, DSL told about the project's developments and revealed that he is collaborating with Mort, creator of Commander Keen: The Comic Strip, who made a number of model sheets.

DSL also posted some pencil drawings:

And he made Dopefish-themed modifications of two famous pictures (also sent by Levellass) and manipulated photos of George W. Bush:

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He offered to help in the development thread of DSL's 3D recreation of Keen 4, and did actually work on the game for a while. Four of the screenshots he posted in said thread survive, which show a modified version of a map from 3D Game Studio.

In July 2004, it was announced that DSL and duke4e have started to work on a mod of Unreal Tournament 2004, its working title being Shadowlands 3D. DSL left by November 2004, though some other people were collaborating with duke4e. The project eventually died.

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Dylan Gallagher

See aintnofuntime.

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