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Fanart (K)

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See Genius314.

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See StupidBunny.

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a.k.a. Pac-Dan (not to be confused with Gr1nreaper a.k.a. KeenCommander)

Entered RoboBlue's Character Creation Contest with an animation and multiple still images:

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See Rorie.

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Morgan Lees

In addition to Keeniver's art found online, a Yorp drawing I received from them is included. It was probably made around 2006 and may or may not have been previously unpublished.

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keen online

Entered RoboBlue's Character Creation Contest contest with the following image:

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The first image was KeenRush's entry for RoboBlue's Character Creation Contest.

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Kevin Bolk

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King Sluggy

See TooMuchSpareTime.

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Korath III

He asked TmsT to create the graphics for his JavaScript game HangKeen. Not much is left of them, though. Korath III also made a thank you certificate for MRC Marky, the creator of the first Keen Awards trophies, but only a preview of the certificate remains.

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