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Fanart (Other)

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On this page, you can find works related to contests, challenges and PCKF-specific memes, in addition to their appearance in the individual sections of their creators. And some stuff by unknown people, too.

Works by Unknown Creators | Character Creation Contest (2003) | Giks & Bips (2007) | PCKF Logo (2007) | Spriting Contest (2009)

Works by Unknown Creators

The creators of the following works are unknown. While the ASCII ones appear to include initials, I don't know what they stand for.

These graphics are among the few remains of Thea's Bloog-themed fansite Bloogology 314, besides the archived fragments of its InsideTheWeb board. Gizmo SPW, who had also made other contributions to the site, likely created the splash page picture, but it isn't known for sure.

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Character Creation Contest (2003)

Beginning on 9 July 2003, RoboBlue curated a contest where members created their own Keen characters. Eventually, the Keeners voted for their favourite entries in different categories. MRC Marky's creations are lost.

On 10 September 2003, it was announced that Andrew Durdin won in the category "Best Still Character" and MRC Marky in "Best Animated Character". Ceilick was declared winner in the category "Best Character Mod" on 16 September.

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Giks and Bips (2007)

A new PCKF member named Niborius requested pictures of Giks and Bips on 29 April 2007. Over the following weeks, various custom images of the creatures were posted by Keeners. Some pictures are lost, including the thread starter's.

In the case of the Gik images, only two works survive. But there were also less Gik than Bip contributions.

Significantly more pictures are available in the Bip department. The last of the following works was actually published more than three years earlier, but I included it nonetheless.

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PCKF Logo (2007)

On 2 November 2007, some days after the migration from ezboard to an independent phpBB-based forum, Xtraverse encouraged the PCKF members to create a new logo. Many suggestions were posted, but few of them survive.

Eventually, KeenRush chose Apocalypse Gohan's animated logo, which replaced the default phpBB logo in September 2008. The first (non-animated) Keen logo by Apocalypse Gohan is not available, but it probably looked very similar to the first frame of the finished file. ckguy's image is said first logo with the Big V medal removed.

The following two entries were obviously not intended to be serious.

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Spriting Contest (2009)

Some days after joining the PCKF, Maruyama launched a contest on 29 May 2009. Participants created custom sprites of characters from other games in the style of Goodbye, Galaxy! The organiser had also made his avatar in said style. The first of Bonevelous's two entries and Catwafer's entry are unavailable.

Nobody was ever declared winner, as Maruyama went inactive.

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