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Fanart (I)

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Chris Hendricks

The Dopefish seen below has been extracted from TmsT's Flash animation Dopefission (2004-04-13). It may or may not have appeared somewhere else before. The creature named Paddle-Bonk was Ilsoap's entry for RoboBlue's Character Creation Contest. The second Arachnut image was sent to me by its creator.

Ilsoap contributed a comic and a "Dopefish of the Week" to TmsT's The Chasm of Strife. He also created two pictures that accompanied an article written by Yorpy for the CK Newsletter.

Ilsoap is also responsible for a series of Flash animations known as Shadowlands. Below are the two completed episodes, a preview for the second one, and related images. Note that the thumbnails for the animations lead to NY00123's site rather than ad-heavy Angelfire. Additionally, there is a short teaser posted a month before the first episode.

During the development of his mod Lego Keen, Ilsoap posted two screenshots on 2003-03-30 in the following thread:
PCKF (ezboard) link "Lego Keen" on PCKF (ezboard)

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Entered RoboBlue's Character Creation Contest with two images:

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Isis Team

Makers of The Mystery of Isis II. Under construction...

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See Roobar.

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