Shadowlands Tour
Please observe the no smoking and seatbelt lights have been turned, relax, and prepare for a ride...

Destination: The Shadowlands
Population: 75,000

Here we are at Border Village, a peaceful little town inhabited by mostly Bounders, Slugs, and Licks.

Our next stop is Three-Tooth-Lake. Here we are on the shore, and we can see the entrance to the Perilous Pit.

Here we are above the lake. The island in the front is the Isle of Tar.

Here we have the Well of Wishes, home to the imfamous Dopefish.

Our last stop at Three-Tooth-Lake is the Isle of Fire, the dangerous home of the Berkeloid.

Next, we'll journey to the cold, arctic region of the Shadowlands. Here is the entrance to the beatiful, but deadly Crystalus:

Down here is the Chasm of Chills. It's rumored that Princess Lindsay hangs around in here.

Our last stop in this winterous area is the Cave of Descendents, a fantastic underground maze.

Now we journey to the calm, peaceful, Hillville, resident to numerous inchworms.

Next on our tour, we come to the swampish forest of pyramids. Here we can see the Pyramid of the Shadows, and the hidden Pyramid of the Forbidden.

These are the other two pyramids in this swampish forest, and strange and mysterious Pyramid of the Gnosticene Ancients, and the Pyramid of the Moon.

Next we come to the massive castle Sand Yego. Filled with the crazy Arachnut, it is a dangerous outpost.

Here is the beautiful, transparent city of Miragia. You never know when it might disappear.

Our last stop of the day is Lifewater Oasis, a strange plant-filled region.

Hope you enjoyed the tour. Thanks for coming. Remember we have low lodging costs at Slug Village, and very cheap tours of the Pyramid of the Moons!

By xtraverse