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First of all, I'd like to recommend the web site found at All You Can Eat Commander Keen. A very good site for downloads.

For an excellent site with a good list of other Keen sites, I highly recommend Geoff's Commander Keen Site

Both of these people I'd like to thank for building such helpful sites. Without those sites, this site would hardly fill a few pages.

Another Keen-site with a friendly owner is Gert's Commander Keen Page.

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Keen Info by Episode

Keen 1:
Marooned on Mars
Keen 2:
The Earth Explodes
Keen 3:
Keen Must Die!
Keen Dreams
Keen 4:
Secret of the Oracle
Keen 5:
The Armageddon Machine
Keen 6:
Aliens Ate My Babysitter
Keen 2000

Keen Info by Type of Info

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