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Welcome to the PCKF Archive! This site was created in order to preserve selected contents of the Public Commander Keen Forum and its predecessors.

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Latest Additions

It's been a while since the last update. The recent months have been rather busy ones, I will hopefully be able to update the site more often again the next year.
Anyways, there are several additions to the fanart section. On the "Other" page, you can now find all surviving entries of RoboBlue's 2003 Character Creation Contest in one gallery. Also, I gathered the available creations related to the Giks and Bips "challenge" started by Niborius in 2007, which also means that the sections of Levellass and Roobar received additions, while ShikadiQueen, GoldenRishi and Tabun are new to the fanart archive. In the case of the latter, I also added his Dopefish pieces. And, last but not least, Mort's latest comic strip (#80) has been added.
Have a Happy New Year!

scalloped llama released a cool Winamp skin in August 2002. One day, such things will also be available in the "More Keen Stuff" section.
Kevin Bolk allowed me to add a great work of Keen art by him. Some more pieces have been added to TooMuchSpareTime's gallery, namely a 2002 Christmas picture (Strife meets Peanuts) and the comics seen in parts 2 and 3 of "Where is DNF?" (external).

In April 2005, Galaxieretter, then a quite new member, posted information on his Keen comic alongside some pictures. He posted more information on its progress over time, but in the end, it was never finished
Nonetheless, Galaxieretter was a productive creator of Keen art, and dozens of neat pieces can be found in the gallery now. It includes most episodes of his funny Blegd and Smeeg webcomic, which I received from Levellass and Levellord. However, I never received a response from Galaxieretter, I hope he doesn't mind. The sections of Levellord and SynDuo also contain one related image each.

Past Updates

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ezboard (April 2000 October/November 2007)
The direct predecessor of the present-day PCKF was part of the ezboard network. In May 2005, ezboard was hacked and thousands of PCKF threads were deleted  the reason why this archive was created in the first place. Many threads had already disappeared before due to ezboard's 500-topic limit for each (sub)forum. In late 2007, the community moved to a phpBB-based forum.

Jazz Mega Message Board (November 1999 March/April 2000)
For some months, Keeners were active in a subforum of Jazz2City's JMMB.

InsideTheWeb (1997 November 1999/March 2001)
It started with a fansite and message board run by Geoff Sims. Over time, various other Keen fans also opened their own Keen boards on InsideTheWeb, a service that existed until March 2001. The community moved on in late 1999, but there was still some activity until the site's closure.

More Keen Stuff
Several Keen-related works are available for download here.

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This will contain general information on the PCKF Archive in the future.

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