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Welcome to the PCKF Archive! This site was created in order to preserve selected contents of of the predecessors of today's Public Commander Keen Forum.

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Latest Additions

Who would have thought that id Software would send a cease and desist order to the makers of The Mystery of Isis II, shortly after the release of a new version of Isis packed with loads of new content? Even Tom Hall joined the PCKF to give advice. It's too bad that only the first page survives, but at least you can see Tom's first post. It all happened on the 1st of April, 2002...
In September 2003, Commander Spleen suggested the creation of a collective Keen mod. Andrew Durdin invited the Keeners to discuss its development in the newly founded Keen: Modding forum. Since then, a lot of work has been put into the Commander Keen Community Mod (CKCM). As of today, it is still unfinished.
Two weeks ago, I had added the thread of Zorath's mod with screenshots. Later, I also received the concept art from Zorath. You can view the pics (and another screenshot) on the "More Keen Stuff" page.

The topic "If you had it your way..." was created by Root16 in November 2004. Several Keeners wrote what features a game would have if they had free rein.
Too Much Spare Time posted a funny little Flash animation titled "I AM Commander Keen!" in March 2005. He used the photos of someone named Redlof who was costumed as Commander Keen (with a unique helmet).

In April 2003, Zorath posted screenshots and concept art of his Keen 1 mod. While the concept art is still missing, Zorath sent me the six neat screenshots he had posted back then, which feature a Galaxy-style (and Dreams-style) tilted view. Unfortunately, the development never really went beyond the creation of tiles and a test level. But Zorath did release several skin mods, namely the Keen 1-3 Intergalactic Versions and the CGA edition of Keen 1.
Only some days later, Grelphy also announced that he has a mod in the works, which was given the title Episode Y and acts as a sequel to Xky's Episode X. Over the following weeks, he added additional promising screenshots to the thread's first post. About two months after the announcement, Grelphy posted the full version of the Keen 1 mod, which was his only complete mod until the release of the abandoned, but nearly finished Vox trilogy in 2008.
Also, the winners of the Keen Awards 2019 have been announced. Check out the cool trophies by Lava89.

Past Updates

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ezboard (April 2000 October/November 2007)
The direct predecessor of the present-day PCKF was part of the ezboard network. In May 2005, ezboard was hacked and thousands of PCKF threads were deleted  the reason why this archive was created in the first place. In late 2007, the community moved to a phpBB-based forum.

Jazz Mega Message Board (November 1999 March/April 2000)
For some months, Keeners were active in a subforum of Jazz2City's JMMB.

InsideTheWeb (1997 November 1999/March 2001)
It started with a fansite and message board run by Geoff Sims. Over time, various other Keen fans also opened their own Keen boards on InsideTheWeb, a service that existed until March 2001. The community moved on in late 1999, but there was still some activity until the site's closure.

More Keen Stuff
Several Keen-related works are available for download here.

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This will contain general information on the PCKF Archive in the future.

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