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Welcome to the PCKF Archive! This site was created in order to preserve selected contents of the Public Commander Keen Forum and its predecessors.

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Latest Additions

Sorry for the long absence, the PCKF Archive has finally been updated again! Many more neat pictures by guynietoren are available in the fanart gallery, his section is nearly complete now.

The sites of Xtraverse, namely DOS Classics and Spatang, finally disappeared in 2023 after years of inactivity. Should you try to access their domains now, you will get to see something completely unrelated. There are still a lot of links on pages of the PCKF Archive that will have to be changed. But the "old" folder of DOS Classics, which includes various ancient Keen sites and some PCKF threads, has found a new home. The same goes for the Commander Keen Newsletter. Note that the March and May 2003 issues are no longer mixed up, and the December 2002 one is complete. Thanks to Malvineous for giving me access to the whole subdomain archive.shikadi.net.

A new section is available, Public Keen UBB. After having conversed in a subforum of the Jazz Mega Message Board for a while, Keeners finally had a then modern forum of their own. While short-lived, it introduced some features that were brought over to ezboard, such as ranks like "Grunt" and "Vortininja", and a section named "Other Keen Stuff". Almost no trace of the Keen UBB remained, but Cho'gall sent me his archives. And there will be more Jazz Mega Message Board topics, too. Thanks, Cho'gall! For the start, you can read Thea's welcome post from February 2000 and the thread "Norp or Spot?" started by Ilsoap in March 2000. Naturally, Tom Hall knew the truth about the name of Keen's pet Yorp.

"I come bearing gifts" declared the new member Manboy in September 2001. Said gifts were three Keen 1 levels, a cool 3D picture of a Garg and a now-lost animation of the Martian.
In Galaxieretter's fanart section, I added a funny picture he posted on the occasion of his 22nd birthday (read the topic and you'll understand). The image, sent by Levellass, appears to be the last artwork featuring Blegd and Smeeg. Additionally, you can now view the large versions of some uncoloured character drawings, namely Keen, Mort & I C-2, Spot, and Xky Rauh. Received them from Levellass, too.
The PCKF Archive was voted the Best Website by members of the PCKF not long ago. I'm very happy about that, thank you! I'll write more once the trophies are ready. Their maker, Lava89, is probably too busy to finish them at the moment.

In February 2005, Rorie asked about the status of the PCKF's possible move. There had been intentions to leave the ezboard network before, but only in late 2007 the community finally moved to an independent forum based on phpBB.
I added some cool sprites to the fanart archive that were made for a 2009 Spriting Contest curated by Maruyama. Participants made Goodbye, Galaxy!-style sprites of characters from other games, though there was no decision about a winner. There are now sections for Bonevelous, Maruyama, Tulip, and VikingBoyBilly, which only contain the aforementioned sprites for the time being.

Past Updates

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ezboard (April 2000 October/November 2007)
The direct predecessor of the present-day PCKF was part of the ezboard network. In May 2005, ezboard was hacked and thousands of PCKF threads were deleted  the reason why this archive was created in the first place. Many threads had already disappeared before due to ezboard's 500-topic limit for each (sub)forum. In late 2007, the community moved to a phpBB-based forum.

Public Keen UBB (February 2000 May 2000)
Keeners had a short-lived forum of their own that introduced some features of the later PCKF.

Jazz Mega Message Board (November 1999 March/April 2000)
For some months, Keeners were active in a subforum of Jazz2City's JMMB.

InsideTheWeb (1997 November 1999/March 2001)
It started with a fansite and message board run by Geoff Sims. Over time, various other Keen fans also opened their own Keen boards on InsideTheWeb, a service that existed until March 2001. The community moved on in late 1999, but there was still some activity until the site's closure.

More Keen Stuff
Several Keen-related works are available for download here.

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This will contain general information on the PCKF Archive in the future.

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