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Welcome to the PCKF Archive! This site was created in order to preserve selected contents of the predecessors of today's Public Commander Keen Forum.

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Latest Additions

The Chasm of Chills and The Chasm of Strife, the Keen sites ran by Andrew Kepple a.k.a. Too Much Spare Time a.k.a. King Sluggy between 2001 and 2003, are now available at NY00123's site in the section named Selected Strife Contents. I obtained all available files from Wayback Machine, added a few missing ones from other sources, and made edits (mainly link-related) here and there. Thanks to TMST for giving the permission and to NY00123 for adding these neat (albeit not complete) pieces of Keen community history to his site.
The threads added today are all related to the Chasm. In July 2001, TMST announced that he has started making a TUIT webcomic (winner of Keen Award 2002 for Best Graphical Artwork). There were three separate topics, named "Commander Keen Web Comic!" "BIG SHOCKER!" and "THE END (but where's the restaurant?)". The comic depicts the final confrontation between Keen and Mortimer with interesting plot twists and reached its conclusion a month and some days after the orignal announcement. The Chasm did not only contain comics. In October 2001, TMST put Disco Keen online (later with support from Korath III), where one can choose between various dance moves for Keen. Unfortunately, not many of the dances survive, and the MIDI file is also missing. Nonetheless, the available animations based on the original sprites are worth watching.
In April 2002, TMST posted a funny little teaser animation featuring Duke Nukem for the future Chasm at the humour website ThisStrife.

Yorpy asked for Keen WAV files and intended to use one of them as the start-up sound for Windows in August 2001. As the sound files posted by other Keeners then are unavailable, I added two links to Keen: Modding at the top where all extracted sounds are provided by Levellass and Malvineous. The latter, now the owner of shikadi.net (thanks again for hosting this archive), joined the PCKF in December 2001, as seen in the thread. Retodon8, one of the more active members in the past, made his debut a little earlier, too.
In August 2002, Korath III announced that he is putting together a thank-you certificate for MRC Marky, the creator of the trophies for the first Keen Awards event. While the finished certificate is gone, sadly, at least the preview image remains available.
Andrew Durdin posted some Keen-related archeological finds from BBS archives in September 2002. The contents were made by Keen players back in the early 1990s. I added links to cd.textfiles.com, where the ancient files can be found.

In July 2003, NephariteofIlian (later Kangarus Gyrfalcon) asked about the tastes of Commander Keen and Mortimer McMire. What kind of music, games, food and so on would the geniuses like and dislike? Keeners posted their thoughts.
Some Keen 6 demos were posted by Commander Spleen in June 2004, with the title "ID Won't Toast My Universe!!"

Past Updates

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ezboard (April 2000 October/November 2007)
The direct predecessor of the present-day PCKF was part of the ezboard network. In May 2005, ezboard was hacked and thousands of PCKF threads were deleted  the reason why this archive was created in the first place. In late 2007, the community moved to a phpBB-based forum.

Jazz Mega Message Board (November 1999 March/April 2000)
For some months, Keeners were active in a subforum of Jazz2City's JMMB.

InsideTheWeb (1997 November 1999/March 2001)
It started with a fansite and message board run by Geoff Sims. Over time, various other Keen fans also opened their own Keen boards on InsideTheWeb, a service that existed until March 2001. The community moved on in late 1999, but there was still some activity until the site's closure.

More Keen Stuff
Several Keen-related works are available for download here.

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This will contain general information on the PCKF Archive in the future.

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