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Crystal Caves Screen Shots

Crystal Caves Enemies

Very easy to kill, however, one must be patient when it dies. You mustn't walk over its buddy.

Pretty much the same as the first. Easy to kill.

These monsters are larger than many of the others in the game. They occasionally appear in small areas with lots of crystals.

These monsters are REALLY crazy, however, they are simple to kill.

What is this? It's the most bizarre thing you will EVER see. Note that you can only hurt him when his eyes are open.

Strange robot of the future. The funniest thing is when two or more of them attack you simultaneously.

The most annoying monster in Crystal Caves. They move at great speeds and in somewhat random paths.

These are the strongest enemies in the game. Be very cautious when approaching them.

This creature is very noisy. He is also strange.

These monsters are easy to kill, however, they have that annoying ability to become invisible.

These spiders are extremely easy to defeat. Just be careful when standing under them. They have a tendency to shoot webs at you.

These are by far the most disgusting monsters in the game. Stand underneath one. Is it dropping eggs? Or are those bird-bombs?

Purple snake of death... Or is that barney in disguise? Watch out for these things. They like to hide in walls and come out just before you are directly adjacent to them. It's generally easier to run away from them than to stand there and try to kill one.

Shroom Of Doom. These are actually really easy to kill... if you know how. You need to wait for them to stand up. They are invulnerable when in their sitting position.

These are easy to kill... the only hard part is hitting them. They tend to bounce all over the screen.

Mining Cars. What are they carrying? Perhaps the life that you lost when you hit the last one...

These robot-like objects are a true nuisance. The walk all over the place AND they try to shoot you.

Note 1 : Animated enemies GIFs images are made by Perilous Crystal Caves Website

Note 2 : Special thanks to Richard (wardrich) for the English captions typos corrections/fix-ups.

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