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Cheat Keys for Crystal Caves 1 , 2 and 3

All keys need to be pressed at the same time:

[X] [T] [R] [A] - Max ammo
[N] [E] [X] [T] - Warp to any level
[Z] [E] [U] [S] - God Mode + Debug mode
[Z] [E] [U] [G] - Reverse gravity (Only in debug mode)

Hex Cheats

Crystal Caves 2

Crystal Caves 3

Unlimited Lives
00021F65: FF 90
00021F66: 0E 90
00021F67: 9E 90
00021F68: 50 90
Unlimited Ammo
0000EE1E: FF 90
0000EE1F: 0E 90
0000EE20: 9C 90
0000EE21: 50 90

Unlimited Lives
00023F95: FF 90
00023F96: 0E 90
00023F97: 9E 90
00023F98: 50 90

Unlimited Ammo
0000F3BC: FF 90
0000F3BD: 0E 90
0000F3BE: 9C 90
0000F3BF: 50 90

Game Hint for Episode 2 Level 5

The trouble that you are having with Crystal Caves II level 5, on getting the gem directly above the Kilroy was here sign is very common.

The place that you need to jump from in order to get the gem is from the pipe that is just to the left of the gem. The method that one must use however takes precise timing. You must take a running start for the gem, and jump when you are just about to fall of the edge. If you jump at THE LAST moment, you will end up catching the gem with your foot.

Video Display Problems

If you run Crystal Caves, and have video display corruption, there will be very little you can do to fix this. The problem is that Crystal Caves is an EGA game, and most recent video cards do not correctly implement EGA video modes. You might try checking with the manufacturer of your video card to see if there are updated drivers that address EGA display issues.

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