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Crystal Caves Download

Size : 156 KB
Type : Shareware
(Note : This is the first episode for the game and is totally free Shareware here means the 3 episode. You must buy the game to play all 3 episodes or you play the first episode for free here)

Download Crystal Caves - v1.0 shareware episode (245k) ( file contains ordering info and an install program)
Click here to buy the game

Crystal Caves Mods -  From S&F Prod

Tile Modifier Mod

With CCmod you can dump all the tiles of Crystal Caves to a Bmp file, so you can edit them with your favorite picture editing program. When you're done, you can put them back and start playing Crystal Caves with your own graphics.
I've also included some old Qbasic source code of some stuff for Crystal Caves, including the source code of an old tile dumper of mine called Cc1dump.
1. Download Crystal Caves from here
2. Download from here
3. Unpack those two files into the same directory.
4. Run CCmod and choose episode 1 and 1) Export to Bmp.
5. Open Cc1tiles.bmp in Paint and change some graphics (like Mylo). Save the file.
6. Run CCmod again. Now choose episode 1 and 2) Import to Cc#.gfx
7. Run the game.

Crystal Caves: Crazy Egg Hunt Mod

Crazy Egg Hunt is a funny graphics mod for Crystal Caves. It was made using our Tile Modifier Mod. This modification ups the standard for number of Easter eggs in a game.

1. Download Crystal Caves from here
2. Download from here
3. Extract Crystal Caves to a new folder
4. Extract the to the same folder (or copy-past files to Crystal Caves game folder)

Crystal Caves New Levels - From jazzie40

New levels for Crystal Caves 2 new rooms.
 1) Download from here
 2) unzip into directory with Crystal Caves 1
 3) next you must decompress cc1.exe . The program to do this is included in the zip file. To do that you must type at the command line( in the cc1 directory) :
 unlzexe cc1.exe cc1.exe. (If you don't know how to do that download this file unlzcc1.exe from here and run that file in the crystal caves directory (after you have downloaded
 4) Then run the file cclevels.exe from your crystal caves directory

99 % Saved file for Crystal Caves 1,2 and 3

Save File for CC1 click here to download - File Size : 462 bytes
Save File for CC2 click here to download - File Size : 463 bytes
Save File for CC3 click here to download - File Size : 464 bytes

Updates for some older titles available


This news story will probably surprise some people. We've got an update available for two of our older titles, Crystal Cavess & Secret Agent. Crystal Caves was released originally back in 1991, and Secret Agent in 1992!

These updates fix a problem that we were made aware of last month. On some computers running Windows XP, if you played the games, your system clock would be set backwards 100 years after exiting the game. This patch corrects that problem. There are NO other changes to the game than this, so if you're not having this problem, you don't need the patch.

The games are now available for sale again in our online store in either floppy disk or registered download formats. We have also reissued the shareware episode with this fix, as well as patches for the existing registered episodes of the games. Here are some download links for these various files:

A special thanks go out to Peter Veenstra from the DOSBox crew and Frank Maddin (Crystal Caves' original programmer) for helping out in getting these problems fixed, so we can bring you an update. A patch for a 14 year old game, that has to be some sort of record. :)

System Requirements

XT Computer (286 or higher recommended)
450k of conventional memory
EGA Graphics
560k of Hard Drive Space (for shareware)
1.7 meg of Hard Drive Space (for registered)
Joysticks Optionally Supported

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