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Jill can change form in four ways by touching a special icon. Each state has unique abilities that are sometimes needed to complete a level.

The firebird iconFirebird JillA firebird, ironically, is not resistant to fire- beware the torches and fire breathers. It is also vulnerable to water, and unlike human Jill, the firebird cannot pass through waterfalls. However, very interestingly, it is safe for the firebird to go into lava. The firebird can fly, obviously, and can shoot rings of fire that are able to pass through water, lava, and one layer of bricks. These fire rings are the only way to kill a ghost.

The fish iconFish JillThe fish stays in water, able to travel up and through waterfalls, and even able to jump within one tile out of the water, with momentum. The fish can fire a pink bullet, and is unusual in that it represents the player in two horizontal tiles, intstead of one tile in the case of the firebird or frog or two vertical ones for human Jill.

The frog iconFrog JillThe frog is unable to shoot a weapon, but it is immune to spikes, water, and lava. It can jump as high as Jill can when she has "extra jumping power"

The Jill iconHuman JillShould Jill die while in an alternate state, she will transform back into a human immediately. She can also return to her human form by touching the Jill icon.

Extra jumping power As a human, she can aquire "extra jumping power," as mentioned earlier. In some special places, she can accumulate quite a few levels of this power, and jump... really high.