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Jill's killable enemies are mainly animals or fantastic creatures. After killing, these enemies do not explode into flames or ooze blood- Jill's deaththey simply disappear, with their score value floating upwards. When Jill herself dies, it is somewhat more graphic, but still with no blood. If she runs out of health, she turns to dust and crumbles. Jill's death If she falls into liquid, she slips below the surface. And, if she touches spikes, she simply falls down.

Jill's interaction with human-like enemies is limited in the game to knights demons, and lizardmen. The lizardmen can be killed, but the knights cannot- amusingly, when one attempts to dispatch one with a spinning blade, a message appears at the bottom, mocking her "feeble attempt." The demons can also be killed, but with some effort, and no point reward. In Jill II, we encounter them for the first time. Demons cannot be killed with knives, but can be killed with the spinning blade after hitting them many times, or rarely, only once. Other than the snakes in levels 3-5 of Jill I, who are killed after hitting them several times with the knife, this is the only case where you must hit an enemy multiple times.

Some enemies can only be killed by certain methods. Ghosts, which resemble the ghosts from Pacman, can only be killed by fire, namely, the fire rings you can create as a firebird. Rolling boulders, like demons, can only be killed with spinning blades. Bees should be dealt with before they emerge from their nest- destroy the nest! I think it should be mentioned here that it takes talent to deal with frogs or bunnies, while armed with a mere knife... it's doable, but gosh... it takes practice!

Some enemies cannot be killed. These include- bouncing (or gyrating) balls, rings that move up and down vines, fire breathers, knights, and bee swarms.