How it Works

The Newsletter is put together by a group of devoted Keen fans, we believe Keen represents the best in each of us, the kid, with this in mind the newsletter only contains material we think is suitable. We won't call it nurturing though, because even Keen didn’t like to eat his vegetables, so you're not expected to eat yours either!

You may want to know what kind of people we are. Well minus our personal lives which most of us won't talk about, we're supposed to not be rude and should relay in some way a sense of what we call Keenishness.

The internal workings and standards we’ve set for ourselves work well, and we’ve had zero squabbles. This doesn’t mean we don’t disagree, to the contrary we discus things quite often, and this has been for the better.

We started this newsletter in an attempt to keep the community going and to provide a source of news for those in the community and those who may not participate but want to know what's going on. It also functions as a showcase of what the community has achieved.

We also hope to release the newsletter monthly though that may not always be the case :)

If you have any questions you would like answered the best place would be the forum.