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Commander Keen


There are more details on the id Software site.

My main was job to recreate and animate the enemies from the original CK games (although due to copyright restrictions, some could not be used). Each consisted of a character design, 8-frame walk cycle and death frame, with bosses having bigger sprites and more elaborate animations.

Because of the limits of the Gameboy, each enemy was only allowed one palette which consists of 4 colours: a background colour (transparent), black for an outline and details and the final two colours for the actual colouring.

Here are some .gifs of walk cycles, scaled up to 200%:

I also worked on various background elements for levels in the game as well as the layouts and settings of the 'World Map' which was a hub-type level. Each background was made from characters of 8x8 pixels which are arranged into a tile-set, ready for use in tUME. Here's a section of two tile-sets:

To speed the process up and to ensure more accuracy with perspective, I rendered these out using a cel-shader and then converted them to 4 colours each, ready to be worked into in DPAnim. These elements were landmarks in the world map, each representing a level in the game:

Enlarged In -game screenshot and actual-size World Map in-game: