Hello! I appreciate you dropping by to this Internet outlet of
Society of Leftover Uncleanly Goo, or SLUG.
We appreciate your interest in our particular area of science,
the study of that scourge of The Shadowlands....


Since I have a particular interest and knowledge of the slug from
spending years wallowing throught the muck of Slug Village,
I was the obvious choice for the representative of SLUG chosen
to maintain and create this site. I hope you thouroughly enjoy this
visit. Have fun!


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You're slug-wild lunatic number
to visit my Slugology page since
its slimy birth on April 10th, 1999.

There's an old saying in Slugei (language of the slug)

'If you ever get the urge to crawl around poisoning heroes...
Hope you enjoyed SLUGOLOGY.
I'd really appreciate an email. Thanks.

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