The Bean-with-Bacon Megarocket Technical Manuals

By A.R.

The Bean-With-Bacon Megarocket is a ficticious space vehicle in Commander Keen, a computer game from the early 90's with a small cult following. This page, which is under construction, contains working technical drawings of same.

Cutaway view 1

Parts list
The car battery provides electrical power for all the working parts of the ship.

The computer core stores all planetary coordinates, evasive procedures, and ship's log. It's storage capacity is 71GB.

Although the vessel is controlled mainly by voice commands, the control stick is used for more complex maneuvers.

The ship's propulsion systems are unable to use fuel in its raw form. The fuel converter converts the fuel into a more efficient form.

This display screen shows the ship's coordinates and displays transmissions from other vessels.

These rubber hoses function as fuel lines to bring fuel to various appliances on the ship.

Only a small amount of fuel is required to power the ship because it is very efficient. It gets about 500 lightyears for every ounce of fuel.

The ion propulsion system works on the principle of Brownian Motion Induction. The idea is that there are subatomic particles, one-quadrillionth the size of a photon, that travel at several million times the speed of light. These so-called Brownian particles have not been discovered by humans yet, except for Commander Keen and Mortimer McMire. The propulsion mechanism generates a force field around the ship, that Brownian particles are unable to pass through. The particles push the ship along at a tremendous speed.

The ship's landing legs are fully retractable. They are made of the same indestructible polymer compound as the ship's hull.

These lasers are the only weapon with which the ship is equipped. Their maximum range is 4000 km, and are capable of burning through most metal alloys.

The cables which are used to transmit electronic instructions to various parts of the ship are made of insulated 18-gauge copper wire.

The ship's thrusters require very little power. Their maximum speed is about 4300 times the speed of light, or the equivalent of about Warp 9.15 on Star Trek, although the ship is not propelled by a warp core. Warp cores which actually bend the fabric of space and time, are unreliable, dangerous, and inefficient. They were banned by the Galactic Council after a horrible accident involving what is now known as the Infamous Bent Planet of the Invictus Cluster. The BWB's maximum endurance at top speed is about five years.

Electrical power is transmitted to parts of the ship through the remote power transmitter. The electrical current necessary to power most ship's systems is about 360V.

The back of the crew area opens up to reveal the storage area. It's where Keen keeps all his candy once he's found it.

Radio signals from other ships are detected by this small but powerful radio antenna.

The ship's temperature is maintained by this coolant system. The coolant fluid is a rare chemical compound found only on planet Ekans VII. Its temperature is constantly -120 degrees Celsius. The crew area, however, is kept at a comfortable 21 degrees Celsius. When the vessel lands on a planet, the circulation of the coolant fluid stops, and Keen can exit the ship safely.

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