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(5/29/00 5:52:57 pm)
Here it is, Episode II of the Spork trilogy!!
Grab it now, at !!
See all the new features, such as:

1. Space Walking!

2. New interface!

3. Space Invaders (the old arcade game)

4. Teleporters!

5. 8 entirely new robots to blast into oblivion!

6. Pre rendered 3D grafix!!

7. 9 new levels filled with secret areas, traps, and surprises!

8. 3D cutscenes!

9. Completely new Commander Keen storyline!

10. A rather good cup of decaf! (You'll know what I mean once you get far enough into the game)
Because there are no credits in the game, I give them to you here:

Snortimer (Got me the music)

Ilsoap (Beta tester)

Pimento (Beta tester)

ek (Beta tester)

Matrix (Everything else!)

System requirements:

Windows 98/95 (98 recommended for the best music quality)
At least 256 colors


Set your computer to 24-bit color
Set your computer to 640x480 resolution (This is for all the people that complain about not being able to see Keen when they play)
Please give any comments or questions to Matrix at
Billy says, "If you don't play this game, you might just find yourself using a spork! AHHHHH!!!"

--------- "The name's Matrix, Enzo Matrix"

(5/29/00 7:30:51 pm)
Secret areas?
I couldn't really find any secret areas when I was playing. Maybe I wasn't looking hard enough (or did you put some in since I tested it?)

(5/29/00 8:12:58 pm)
Re: Secret areas?
I put some in since you tested it. The secrets in the mining area are pretty obvious, but the secrets in the space walking levels are pretty well concealed.

--------- "The name's Matrix, Enzo Matrix"

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