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Posts: 519
(9/1/02 2:24 am)
Archeological Finds
I was recently excavating at a Commander-Keen related dig on BBS archives and found the following artifacts:

1: Standard Galactic Alphabet chart, c. March 1991

There is a file named GALACTIC.gif in the graphic files collection.
It is a picture of the standard galactic alphabet for the commander keen series
The letters are as close as I could get to the standard galactic
alphabet for use in Commander Keen. Sorry I don't have letters J,Q and Z.
The letters available are more than enough to read all the signs you will
encounter in your journeys through the Commander Keen trilogy. If you haven't
purchased the second and third episode, you really should because they are
fun to play and at some times difficult! I hope you can use these and have
fun playing the Commander Keen games!!
The letter 'T' is not exactly as shown here. there is no dot on the bottom
left. To view GALACTIC.GIF use PICEM (downloadable from EXECPC).

2: Keen 6 and Dreams cheat information, c. February 1992

Ok all you Commander Keen fans. It took me awhile to figure this out.
Actually I spent days trying to find the exact keypress codes within
the keyboard interrupt routine. To my dissapointment I could not. So
today I told myself that I would give it one last try and if I
couldn't figure it out this time, I would delete it off my hard
drive. Of course, I would have made a trainer but since I knew there
were lots of different cheat modes internally, I had to figure out the
keypresses. Anyways, I made one last ditch effort and thought that
somewhere in the code would have an offset into the cheat messages
and sure enough there was. I then backtracked the code and found that
it compared some keypresses you'd have to type before the cheat
activated. Well to make a long story short, here's what the cheat

F10 - Activation key. Hold this down with the appropriate letter to
toggle the cheat.

G - God mode on/off (invulnerability)
I - 99 items or shots
J - Jump mode on/off (you can jump as high as you want)
S - slow mode on/off

There are a lot more cheats including a way to skip to different parts of
the game. Experiment with the rest of the keys if you want. This internal
cheat works for Commander Keen #6 and Keen Dreams. It may work on the rest
of the Keen series. If not, tell me the series number and I'll locate the
new activation key.

Well no trainer for this one. Whew!

- Rescue Raider

3: Keen Dreams savegame editor, c. September 1992

This program will modify all of your save game files for
"Keen Dreams" by Id Software (distributed by Softdisk Publishing)
so that you will have 200 lives and 200 shots. If you don't like
to start over a million times and just want to have some fun with
this terrific game, cheat!
I recommend that you save copies of all your game save files
(they are named SAVEGM?.KDR where "?" is a number from 0 to 6)
before running this program in case you want to play as a mortal
Place the DREAMCHT.EXE file in the same directory as the save
files and enter DREAMCHT to modify the files.

DETAILS: If you want to manually edit the save files with a hex editor,
change bytes 56h (86 decimal) and 60h (96 decimal) to C8h.

This program is brought to you as FREEWARE by Michael P. Hoffmann
and is copyright (C) 1992 by Michael P. Hoffmann, all rights reserved.

The file is available at


Posts: 929
(9/1/02 7:42 am)
Re: Archeological Finds
Cool, thanks for the progs!

Whatcha gonna do when Keenmania runs wild on you?

Posts: 130
(9/4/02 8:17 am)
Re: Archeological Finds
I think I know that Michael Hoffmann guy... Didn't he make a lot of those cheat programs? e.g Xargoncht, Jillcht ect... (if you want to download Xargoncht, you'll have to go here and look for "Xargon Cheat Program", because Geocities won't allow me directly linking to the zip)

Edited by: Nospike88 at: 9/4/02 8:21:29 am
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