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Blue Bounder
Posts: 1
(3/16/01 2:51 am)
Get Your Homemade Keen Levels Rated In Detail
Hi every-1. I'm new!

(Crickets Chrip For Hours)

(Two Hours Later)

Yeah, so, I'm offering an interesting sort of service. If you'd like post here a brief summary (This level is for Keen Whatever. It is supposed to be a big living room. I tried to make it insanely difficult). If I see it, I'll say so and you can send it, then as soon as I can I will play it, give it rating between 0.0 (Waste of space) to 10.0 (In your face, Tom Hall). I'll also offer as many intellegent comments as I can think of, which isn't much but enough to give you a good suggestion or five. So, is anybody brave enough to try?

...stupid crickets...

Posts: 53
(3/16/01 10:10 am)
Re: Get Your Homemade Keen Levels Rated In Detail
OK, try mine:

This level is for Keen 2 -- it is the control room of the Vorticon mothership. I rate it as very hard.

The file is -- the first zip in CC314's fan levels page under 'Keen 2'.

Blue Bounder
Posts: 2
(3/16/01 1:04 pm)
Re: Get Your Homemade Keen Levels Rated In Detail
Okay, I'm done! I just had to do something called sleeping. Some lucky people get to do it once a week.

Your Score :
Creativity : 8.1
Difficulty : 8.5
Atmosphere : PERFECT TEN
Entertainment : 8.9
Item Placementt : 9.2

GREAT Level!

Positive Things:
-Good idea, making DC it's own little niche.
-The hidden items in the upper-left.
-Putting Earth in the location frame.
-Very creative uses of little red guys - the last two keys drove me nuts for a while.
-Going outside the ship - cool!
-Bridging the fire - never would have thought of it like that.

-Negative Stuff:
-No "awards" - you get to the control room, then you exit the level. How about the space amoeba that gives power to the ship?
-Some frustrating parts, like those elite - I have never seen non-frustrating use of Vorticon Elite.

Incredible level. This would go great in a themed pack. May I suggest you may be a great person to improve the "Home" levels - they seem more like giant booby traps then safehouses.

Posts: 54
(3/17/01 1:08 am)
Re: Get Your Homemade Keen Levels Rated In Detail
That's a great detailed (but concise) review.

Just a couple of comments about the negative stuff:

(a) no rewards: I didn't want to use a space amoeba in the level, because those power the tantalus rays -- besides, when you shoot them they cause a lot of mess if they're not in a tantalus ray. As for other rewards, I thought there were probably enough points lying around to compensate.

(b) The elite guards: There are two ways to get past them: if you have the light off, you can ride the platform over the fire, and use the impossible pogo trick (but not with full power) to jump over them: which is quite easy. Otherwise, you can jump across the fire with the i.p.t. and, standing in the right place, can shoot the elites (and any of their shots which come your way). If you take this second path you can get the extra teddies.


Blue Bounder
Posts: 3
(3/17/01 1:50 am)
Teddies!!...yeah. Hey, I needed to think of something negative, right? By the way, your editor's the best! (I am assuming you are the same Andrew who wrote Keen Edit, right?) So, any other takers?

Posts: 56
(3/17/01 5:59 am)
Re: Teddies!!
Hey, I wouldn't mind if no-one could think of anything negative about my levels ;-P

Yes, I'm the guy who wrote that Keen editor; I'm glad you like it.


Posts: 132
(3/17/01 10:42 am)
missing image (
Re: Teddies!!
Hey, Bounder!! One of my (idiotical..) games was supposed to be called Blow the Blue Bounder!! Man you stole my idea!!;)

no - cool name. :)

» This message was posted by me, Vidar Flak. You can email me by clicking here. I have made a brand new homepage! Take a look. I make the Keen site CK Rocket, I'm the colorist for StarDust Entertainment's game Myth of the Moon Stone, and I'm a member of the free software company VaporTech International.«

Posts: 166
(3/17/01 3:06 pm)
Re: Teddies!!
I thought it was Bloow the Blue Ball...

This message was posted by Volte-Face. I am a member of Vaportech International. Vaportech International is a group of people who create freeware PC games. Vaportech International is (for the time being) being run by The Soggy Mop. I ( am 13 years old. I live in Ontario, Canada. I enjoy programming in Quick Basic and Visual Basic. I also spend a lot of time playing games like Commander Keen and Doom.

Blue Bounder
Posts: 4
(3/17/01 8:09 pm)
More Teddies!
Heh, I was famous before I even got here!

Boing, Boing, Boing, hey, Does anybody know off hand if Ankh time can build up? That is, is I pick up two Ankhs, do I get 20 seconds of invincibility? 'Cause if you do than I have a neat idea for a Keen 3 Level...

[marque]Just Testing Something...boing, boing, boing.[marque]

Vorticon Elder
Posts: 465
(3/17/01 10:52 pm)
Re: More Teddies!
Does anybody know off hand if Ankh time can build up? That is, is I pick up two Ankhs, do I get 20 seconds of invincibility? 'Cause if you do than I have a neat idea for a Keen 3 Level...

Yup, this is how it works.

Blue Bounder
Posts: 5
(3/18/01 11:49 pm)
(Insert Lame Title Here)
Peculular, nine responses and one level. Hmm..

Oh, here's another level-building tip!

The Heart in Keen 3-
-Shooting it DOES NOT end the game!
-It beats the current level.
-So beating level 16 triggers the end.
-So you can put a heart in any level,
-Or an exit door in level 16!
-Specifically speaking,
-Shooting the heart turns an area into wallpaper backround.
-This area is a rectangle.
-It always takes place in one place-
-from tile 6,1 to tile 14,16.
-Anything in this space 'explodes' before replacement.
-By the way, the only way to stop a mortimer's hand or foot,
-Is with the kind of ground tile in level 16.
-Did that help anyone?
-Keep the levels coming!

The Talking Dog123
Posts: 32
(6/2/01 5:35 am)
Re: (Insert Lame Title Here)
Review my level pack Vorta Retra if you want... it's the only keen 3 pack on cc314(so far...)

Okay i'll admit it i am shockshund but please don't ban me i'll be a good doggy now(i'm saying doggy because shockshunds are doggies plus my id is the talking dog123)

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