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Ginger Van 
Posts: 31
(9/23/02 12:41 am)
I remember...
I remember in Commander Keen…

Keen 1: I remember asking my mom to get me past the vorticon under the stone before I knew you could shoot the rope holding it.

I didn’t think you could kill a vorticon because I shot it one time and it didn’t die.

I tried to get to the frozen yorp before he froze, near the beginning of the ice level.

I wondered why you could get the pogo stick twice.

Keen 2: I remember I beat the last level 5 minutes before I had to leave to go to school.

I called the vorticon youngsters “blue dogs”

I was so angry when I found out that when you pulled the switch you lost the game. But my brother just thought it was cool because the earth blew up.

I was so happy when I found out that if you press pogo in front of a light switch, the lights went out and the vorticons didn’t jump (it made the last level a whole lot easier)

Keen 3: I remember I thought the “ ninja doggie” level was the coolest thing ever.

I translated a sign that said vorticon day care center” or something like that. I was expecting a cool, top secret, or helpful message. I seemed like a waste of time.

I thought some levels were way too hard and barely ever played them.

I wondered how they an ankh in the first level like they showed in the previews.

The jack always scared me.

I called the vorticon mother “big bertha”

I didn’t understand why water killed you if you touched it.

I thought it was fun to kill meeps and foobs.

I called the last level “Starvin’ Marvin”

Keen dreams: I remember I thought the grape grove and the swamp levels were secret levels (the swamp level was my favorite level)

I thought the pea pod guy was really cool.

I hated the French fry and running green bean guys.

I called the flowerpots “flower power”

I still don’t know what keen is supposed to be doing when you press down.

Keen 4: I loved “driving” bounders.

I thought the Isle of Tar and the Cave of Descendants were scary.

I called the forbidden pyramid “hand land” and wrote Apogee a letter asking how to get there.

I thought you could get the spaceship to blast off because in the help file under the impossible pogo trick, it said, ”press jump and pogo simultaneously and you blast off at an angle.”

I thought the Gnosticene Ancients said “orchestra chamber” because my mom played in an orchestra.

Keen 5: I remember trying to run under robo red.

I tried to open the trap doors in the beginnings of the last two levels.

I couldn’t understand why the fuse on Korath III wouldn’t break and I let keen pogo on it for 45 minutes, hoping it would break.

Keen 6: my mom wouldn’t let me play it until I beat keen 5 on hard.

If I killed a bip ship I had to squish the bip.

I thought the purple hands would close up on me if I stood on them.

In 2nd grade we had to pick someone we wanted to be like when we grew up and I said Tom Hall.

Mortimer's Right Hand Man
Posts: 396
(9/23/02 12:46 am)
very nice list, man :-) i'll gladly admit i shared a lot of your thoughts on there... especially the ones about secret messages, closing hands, and certain levels being frightening... i'd kill to be able to have games seem so real again...


scalloped llama
Posts: 56
(9/23/02 12:55 am)
Dont we all wish we could be Tom Hall? hahaha :D

Posts: 1064
(9/23/02 6:03 am)
Re: re:wow
I remember that I have thought something like that when I was younger.. Oh, those times were cool!
I was always thinking, why does those red things in that pyramid level (sorry I can't remember the name of those things and the level) want to steal stuff (take stuff before Keen does).. :)
And in that dopefish level I couldn't understand how that red old man could walk there underwater without scubagear or anything..

Whatcha gonna do when Keenmania runs wild on you?

Edited by: KeenRush  at: 9/23/02 6:04:16 am
Mortimer's Right Hand Man
Posts: 397
(9/24/02 8:06 am)
i'm pretty sure nobody had nightmares about Vorticons, though... i couldn't sleep at night for a month after i first got the game. :-(

the other big thing i always wondered about was how Shikadi Mines were built... lol


Vorticon Elite
Posts: 431
(9/24/02 11:36 am)
missing image (
Re: ooh
When I first played Keen...those were the days, the only one I had was Keen1 and the graphics were really screwed up, with speckles making all the sprites almost undistinguishable, the gargs looked like red vorticons unless they were in the dark. I thought the blue (real) Vorticons were unkillable also. I also didn't understand what the point of the pogo was, because I didn't know that if you held control while pogoing, you bounced much higher.

In Keen6, I was convinced for about 3-4 years that the hands were some sort of transportation system to and from secret areas.


Vorticon Elite
Posts: 394
(9/24/02 12:49 pm)
Re: ooh
I probably got into keen at an older age than most of you (I was 17). I got an old "House Of Games" CD from my cousin. My youngest brother (at the time he was 9), while playing the games and demos on the CD, came across Keen 1, 4, and Keen 6 demo--He loved them. I guess I kinda picked it up after watching him play them for a while. That's probably the reason I never got any "strange" ideas from the game... BTW Ginger Van, those are fascinating; I wish I had such memories. :-)

"Well, that's goodbye Galaxy, then," said Arthur, slapping his knees and standing up. - "Life The Universe and Everything" by Douglas A. Adams

Scizor CT 
Posts: 13
(9/24/02 9:54 pm)
Greatest moments?
My fondest memory is finally figuring out how to get into that blasted Pyramid of the Forbidden after years of trying and staring quizzically. But when I got the the end...ARGH!!!

Pooper, King of the Slugs
Posts: 335
(9/24/02 10:41 pm)
Re: Greatest moments?
That was hilarious!

Cerebral Cortex 314 - For All of your Commander Keen Needs.

Posts: 287
(9/25/02 6:50 am)
Re: I remember...
I forgot to destroy the machines in Keen2 so when I finished all the levels with cheating didn't end the gam :lol ......

Believe it or not Potter is on the forum........

Crazy Dude
Posts: 78
(9/27/02 12:00 am)
Re: I remember...
I remember always playing Commander Keen at my old school for a treat or on breaks. It was the big thing at my old school to play Keen.

Commander Bidbood
Posts: 22
(9/27/02 8:43 pm)
Re: I remember...
MMy first game was commander keen 5 full, a copple of years ago, i was 6 years old. Our neightbour had give it to me... I liked the game... But i didn't know there were other games of ck... later i got keen 4, ten keen 1 and 2... then keen 6 demo.. later keen 6 full... then keen dreams and at the last keen 3... i all remeber:D

Too Much Spare Time 
King Slug
Posts: 443
(9/28/02 4:23 am)
Placid Flashback
Keen IV memories...

I thought the Gnosticene Ancients said “orchestra chamber” because my mom played in an orchestra.

Hehe! Because 486's run so quickly, I never got time to read them properly. My brother's friend thought it was the Pyramid of the "Gosneck Aztecs".
I thought it said "Gnome-sticene" = Gnomes made out of plasticene. I thought the smirky dudes who steal the 1up and teleport were the Gnome-sticenes.

On the word "NOW" from the line "Eat your veggies NOW!" of the EYV music, I always thought it was a slug pooping. (Not that I knew what the words were, back then)

When I first saw Commander Keen, it was episode IV. From looking over my brother's shoulder at the monitor, I thought that the back of Keen's helmet was his face. I wondered why Keen's face was on backwards...

I thought that arachnuts were a cross between a carnivorous plant and a couch. I called them "couch potatoes".

Those blue birds always looked so pissed off about something. I called them psychobirdies. They were so much fun to shoot, especially near a cliff that they would fall off. Hehehe

I wondered what would happen if you switched off a bridge while a slug was on it. (This was in Sand Yego)
A slug is programmed to turn to the right if it runs out of ground to the left, and turn to the left if it runs out of ground to the right. So it just hovered there in mid-air, spinning around and around like a propellor. Then I shot it from below and it fell down (as expected).

I called the Dopefish "Doofish" before I read the F1 help.

Sound effects as I translated them into words:
Death: Da-da-ding! GAME-O-VERRRR!
Gem (PC Speaker): Kahikatea!

In the Pyramid of the Forbidden, there's a swarm of skypests guarding a door. I called this bit "Skypest World"

I called the Licks "Blue Meanies", after the title of a game for the Commodore Vic-20 where you have to shoot the incoming "Blue Meanies" from outerspace, who look like blue squares with angry faces.

Berkeloid: "Fire-Man" :rolleyes

I finished Miragia many times before I watched the demo and saw that there was an easier way to kill those slugs: shoot from beneath 'em!

Posts: 15
(9/29/02 5:47 pm)
I remember when i was little (about 3) my dad had a password to get into commander keen 1 so i used to have to get my mom to type it in. The password was vorticon so it was one of the first words i learned how to spell.

When I was in kindergarden I took a basic computer class. When we were finished we got to play commander keen and some other games. I was the only one to beat keen 1 and i did it in 10 minutes. Then third graders were asking me for help. When I was that little They looked really big.

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