Significant Bits Archive - Magazines of the Brisbug PC User Group


Here are electronic copies of some of the magazines produced in the early 1990s by the Brisbug PC User Group, based in Brisbane, Australia. A non-profit organisation dedicated to helping people learn to use their home computer, Brisbug operated at a time when owning a computer was something of a novelty and expert help was hard to come by.

Part of the membership fee went towards the production of a monthly magazine, which was posted to members before each meeting. These magazines have been scanned in to produce the files below.


What format is DjVu? Why not PDF?

DjVu (short for Deja Vu) is a simpler alternative to PDF, better designed to handle on-screen document display. It offers far superior compression, with each magazine issue being around 15MB in DjVu compared with 250MB or more in PDF.

There are a number of free utilities that can easily manipulate and display DjVu documents, and they can be easily converted to PDF if you really want to.

Where can I get a DjVu viewer?

The DjVu hub contains many options for viewing DjVu files on various platforms. The most widely used viewer is DjVuLibre djview4.

Are these all the magazines ever produced?

Alas, no. As I was only a member of Brisbug for two years, most of the issues are missing. If you have any issues that are not listed here and are able to scan them in, or loan them to me so that I can scan them, please get in touch. Note that the staples will have to be removed so the magazine can be fed through a document scanner, but they are otherwise unharmed.

Does Brisbug still exist?

Yes! They have a homepage at, although the club is much smaller now than it was in its heyday in the early 1990s.


Each of these images links to the DjVu file for that issue.

Vol 7 No 11 [Oct 1992]

Vol 7 No 12 [Nov 1992]

Vol 8 No 1&2 [Jan 1993]

Vol 8 No 3 [Feb 1993]

Vol 8 No 4 [Mar 1993]

Vol 8 No 5 [Apr 1993]

Vol 8 No 6 [May 1993]

Vol 8 No 7 [Jun 1993]

Vol 8 No 8 [Jul 1993]

Vol 8 No 9 [Aug 1993]

Vol 8 No 10 [Sep 1993]

Vol 8 No 11 [Oct 1993]

Vol 8 No 12 [Nov 1993]

Vol 9 No 1&2 [Jan 1994]

Vol 9 No 3 [Feb 1994]

Vol 9 No 4 [Mar 1994]

Vol 9 No 5 [Apr 1994]

Vol 9 No 6 [May 1994]

Vol 9 No 7 [Jun 1994]

Vol 9 No 8 [Jul 1994]

Vol 9 No 9 [Aug 1994]

Vol 9 No 10 [Sep 1994]

Vol 9 No 11 [Oct 1994]