Quake III: Arena

Released in 1999 by ID Software

Threw this page together just to upload some user maps. :D


10 map pack: para07.pk3 05/??/07
This pk3 file contains 10 user maps I made with a friend because we were bored. There are some design flaws, but I still find them fun and thought I would share them with you. Warning: One of the maps contains explicit images. There are seemingly some duplicates of one map, but they are actually variations which have a big difference on the multiplayer experience. For example, one of the two player maps was remade to be a 4 player map, and then tunnels were added, etc. Anyway, whatever. There's 10 maps I did in 2007. 'Ploaded for archivin' purposes. Just extract this fucker in your baseq3 folder, and play by entering /map 1 (1 through 10 are maps)

That's all for now...
- Paramultart