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Scarecrow Tobias is officially in development. I have decided to utilize Allegro so that the game may be cross-platform, with provisions for DOS and Raspberry Pi support. As of now, I am planning on handling all the coding, art, music and design by myself, but if someone is genuinely interested in providing assistence, I am open to the idea. - Ryan

Several updates, with the biggest being the "About" section. It now has a nice little table showcasing our team, including new members Jimage and Tulip. Still awaiting detailed profiles and portfolios for everybody. I also updated the navigation bars to be more friendly to text-based browsers, so thanks to Will K for tipping me off on that. Oh, and VBB also added a page for Marta 1. That's all for now! - Ryan

Finally added the "articles" section by simply integrating it with a Blogger page that VBB and I both have access to. I hope it actually gets put to use. - Ryan

Yet another design change. Changed some colors around, and fixed up the "Games" section. I also took some time to optimize the HTML. - Ryan

Well, it didn't take long after the site launch before a giant laundry list of problems had to be taken care of with the site. Fixed the navigation bars, added some new buttons and split the navigation into two sections to make the site more easily displayed under 640x480 resolution. I feel better now. - Ryan

Happy New Year! To celebrate, I'm finally uploading the site. There's a lot of missing features at the moment, but stay tuned for more games, more info, and comprehensive profiles for our team showcasing our entire body of work. Thanks for checking out the site! - Ryan

I was adding some finishing touches to the site when I realized people are probably going to find the design of this site to be ugly and archaic. At least, I hope they do, because that means I'm doing something right. - Ryan

Just finished the prototype for the Zapado website. - Ryan

Our good friend Malvineous was kind enough to provide some server space for the site. Thanks, Malv. - Ryan

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The Quake III: Arena page is up in the Games section. I uploaded 10 user maps I made from back in 2007. Check it out.

Throw a yellow snowball in the face of white supremacy in this brand spankin' new, totally not-racist, action packed Commander Keen mod, entitled How Bleen Saved Kwanzaa, created by VikingBoyBilly and Paramultart. Happy Kwanzaa! :D DOWNLOAD


New Commander Keen TC "Shmaynoria" released. Check it out! All other Keen projects by me are officially canceled.

Keen's Night At The Improv - Part 1 is up. Cast your votes now! Click Here

New Commander Keen Mod in the works, titled "Commander Keen in Where Is Everybody?". Info available at

Site completely redesigned from scratch by Paramultart. :)

Scarecrow Tobias v0.46 Demo Released, along with very early versions of the game, as well!

Scarecrow Tobias v0.45 Demo Released!

Scarecrow Tobias v0.1 Demo Released!

Added the blogs section

Woohoo! An incredibly half-arsed encryptor! Check it out in the downloads section!

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