Cadet Dyslexic Marta McLerran Episode 1: Lunar Quest

By VikingBoyBilly and Paramultart
Released ??? ??, 2013

Last time in episode zero, Marta McLerran, seven year old girl genius successfully plundered the moon of it's valuable cheeses and brought them back to earth in her Cream With Sugar Pinky Rocket. As she waits for her EZ-Bake oven to bake a cheesecake, she decides to pass the time with her Barbie dream vacation house. Marta, frustrated that she cannot find where she misplaced her Barbies, soon realized she left them on the moon. So Marta leaves the oven to simmer to retrieve them, only to find the Barbies have been stolen by giant rabbits that live on the moon!

Guide Marta through this moontastic sidescrolling adventure of Lunar proportions, find the missing dolls, and discover the lost secrets of the moon!

Also, there's star fruit.

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