About Zapado

Welcome to Zapado.
Founded by Ryan Steinbruner and William Waterman in 2013, Zapado is not a company, but rather a guild for like-minded game developers and modders to promote their projects and share ideas with one another. While the majority of Zapado projects are developed independantly by individual team members, we occasionally collaborate on projects as a team, as well as offer ideas and help where needed to ensure each other's success.

We are also looking for contributors to help with the articles section, so some team members need not even have experience with game design to help with Zapado.

You'll find a wide range of content here, spanning from custom user maps, expansion packs, custom artwork, as well as new, stand-alone games.
We also review, play and reccomend some of our favorite games by other people. You can access this content from the "Articles" and "Media" sections, located on the lower navigation bar of the site.

Meet The Team

Handle Name Skills
Paramultart Ryan Steinbruner Music, design, pixel art, programming, webmaster.
VikingBoyBilly William Waterman Programming, design, pixel art, et cetera.
Jimage Stephen Currie Programming, design, pixel art, et cetera.
Tulip Martin Hauber Modding, level design, pixel art, monsters.

VERY BIG THANKS to Malvineous for providing us with hosting, as well as his many contributions to the modding community.
If you're interested in our philosophy on what makes a good game, check out our "10 Commandments of Gaming" page HERE!

Thanks for checking us out. That's all for now!
- Zapado