Dook Nookim Klassik

What is this site? Well, collected here is a whole lot of proof that I was once waaayyyy too into the original Duke Nukem games by Apogee. That is, DN1 and DN2, good old 2D, before 3D. I no longer really have the time and/or energy to devote to this sort of thing, but I thought I'd collect it all in one place and present it. Part of the problem is that since I wrote some of this stuff 10 years ago a lot of the original files have been lost. :-( So this is a storage location, of sorts, for what I can still find lying around, either locally or on the 'net somewhere, a bit of nostalgia for me. Hopefully someone will find some of it useful. Enjoy.

Most Useful Stuff:

Duke Nukem 2 Unofficial File Specs
Take a look at this stuff if you're thinking of writing a DN2 editor, maybe it'll help.

Unpack utility executable
Extracts individual files from the compacted library files used by several classic Apogee games.

Note: I tried to go through the following zip files and hex-edit out any old contact information wherever I noticed it. If I missed any, please ignore it, any address or email listed in them is incorrect. If they don't include source, then don't bother asking, as I probably don't have it any more either. All of these files may be freely distributed in any manner you please. All are provided AS IS without warranty of any kind.


Duke Nukem 1 Editor v3.0
Windows-based, unfinished but functional, definately the easiest to use and prettiest of all the editors, not a lot of extra features though.

Duke Nukem 1 Editor v2.0
DOS-based, VGA graphics, finished and stable, lots of wacky esoteric features, reasonably intuitive interface, but rather cumbersome to set up, can only save levels if it finds a registered version of DN1. Might be worth getting just because it includes about 5 full sets of levels by various authors.

Duke Nukem 1 Editor v1.7
Duke Nukem 1 Editor v1.6
Duke Nukem 1 Editor v1.5
Duke Nukem 1 Editor v1.2
Duke Nukem 1 Editor v1.1
DOS-based, text display, difficult to use, presented here just as a curiousity. If running under Windows, make sure you're in full screen mode before starting it or you won't get the custom character set. Couldn't find a copy of v1.3 or v1.4. Who cares, don't even bother with versions less than 1.7 unless you're just curious.


Duke Nukem 2 Mapper v1.1
DOS-based, text display, but functional. Just a mapper though. Expects NUKEM2.CMP to be in it's directory.

Duke Nukem 1 Mapper v1.1
Duke Nukem 1 Mapper v1.0
DOS-based, text display, and so old that it smells of decay, but functional. Expects the WORLDAL?.DN? level files to be in it's directory. Don't bother with the 1.0 version unless you're just curious.

Editors Which Should Only Be Used As Mappers:

Cosmo Editor v1.0
DOS-based, text display, difficult to use as an editor, but minimally functional as a mapper. Unfinished, just a hack of dn1edit1x. If running under Windows, make sure you're in full screen mode before starting it or you won't get the custom character set. No documentation. It expects COSMO.VOL to be in its directory, and the save function writes directly to this file! (what was i thinking?)

Other Dook Nookim Hackers:
A few noteworthy sites I found while looking around for these zip files...
This is where Bryan Rodgers' cool DN1MOD editor is stored, along with utilities for DN1's graphics, and other stuff.

At Bryan's request I have mirrored some files here:
dn1mod_1.gif   dn1mod_2.gif   dn1mod_3.gif
S&F Prod. has a bunch of stuff on classic games, mods, cheats, Frenkel Smeijers's QBASIC utilities, etc
stuntracer has some custom levels for DN1 and a bunch of other stuff about DN1 and other classic games