Tour of Fribbulus Xax
Welcome to Xax tours, I'm Grabbiter and I'll be your guide for the day.

Destination: Fribbulus Xax
Population: 400,000

We'll begin our tour down on the mainland. Here you can see the main area of Fribbulus Xax, heavily inhabited by the Bloogs.

Our first stop is the peaceful Bloogwater Crossing. You can take a dip here if you want when the tour is over.

Hidden below the surface of Fribbulus Xax is an amazing underworld. These teleports lead to them.

Here is the entrance to the underworld. You can see the Guard Post One stops any unworthy travelers.

There are two mysterious Domes of Darkness in the underworld. Here's the first:

Here is the second, as well as the other exit of the underworld.

After passing through the underworld, you can get into Bloogfoods Inc., where large sandwiches are rumored to be held captive.

If we backtrack quite a bit, and cross the cliff that separates the two halves of Fribbulus Xax, we can see the Bloogton Manufacturing Plant.

Right past that plant is the tall and mighty Bloogton Tower.

Only fools will enter the dangerous Bloogdome...

Here we are at Guard Post Two, which looks remarkably like the previous one.

Take a stroll through the strange architecture of Bloogville, it is an amazing sight.

You can learn a lot in the Bloog Aeronautics and Space Administration--if you don't get eaten first.

Now, after a short walk through Guard Post Three...

...we can leave Fribbulus Xax on a rocket...

...and arrive on the Bloog Spacepad.

There are three different sections of the Bloog Spacepad. Here is the Bloogbase Recreational District:

And here are the Bloogbase Management District and the Bloog Control Center:

We can also take the satellite to our last stop of the day.

And here we arrive at Bloog Lab Space Station.

Time for me to say goodbye, I hope you enjoyed the tour and don't forget to try the refreshments or be tried as a refreshment at Bloogfoods Inc.